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Video: Fascinating Look At John Kavanagh And The Evolution Of Straight Blast Gym Ireland

John Kavanagh’s MMA journey has been just as fascinating, if not more so, than that of his most famous student – Conor McGregor.

This video falls into the “oldie but goodie” category. It was made back in 2013 as the head coach of the now world-renowned Straight Blast Gym Ireland, John Kavanagh, was preparing to shut his facility on Dublin’s Long Mile Road and move into a new premises on the Naas Road. The new gym would, in Kavanagh’s words, become the “largest full-time dedicated mixed martial arts centre in all of Europe”.

It was the perfect time then for Kavanagh to reminisce about his amazing journey from a tiny 450 square feet garage to the pinnacle of his field and a state of the art training mecca populated by world-class fighters whom he had moulded.

There were many other moves along the way and in this wonderful piece Kavanagh talks us through every step of the SBG evolution, while he visits each of his former sites.

It’s a potent reminder of just how amazing a story Kavanagh has authored over the past 16 years.

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Author: The PA Team

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