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Video: Duane Ludwig Believes He Has Solved The Conor McGregor Riddle

Duane Ludwig, coach of current UFC bantamweight champion T.J Dillashaw, believes that he has solved “the Conor McGregor riddle”.

The trainer has been at the the centre of quite a bit of controversy as of late. His feud with Team Alpha Male has turned particularly nasty, with Urijah Faber recently accusing Ludwig of making racist comments and being altogether unprofessional on a number of occasions during his tenure with the California-based fight team.

The tale had another twist earlier this week, when T.J Dillashaw announced that he was leaving TAM for Elevation Fight Team in Colorado, where he will continue to train with Ludwig, who lives locally. Although, according to BloodyElbow, Ludwig will not be a part of Dillashaw’s “new day-to-day camp”.

Given the drama surrounding him at the moment, the UFC veteran has been in demand from the MMA media. A few days ago, Ludwig sat down for a chat with Brendan Schaub and Bryan Callan on The Fighter and The Kid podcast. It was during this lengthy interview that Ludwig revealed that he feels he has figured out a game-plan to topple McGregor.

“I have this riddle figured out, for sure, but I don’t want to give it out”, said Ludwig confidently. He did, however, give some indication of the elements that might make-up his strategy as the conversation continued.

Firstly, Ludwig suggested that wrestling could be a key to beating the Irishman. Before you say “well duh!”, Ludwig thankfully went beyond the obvious and added that Conor might struggle against “a leg-kicker”. The high-level striker asserted that Conor’s “really wide base” would leave his front leg vulnerable to leg-kicks. For this reason, he also picked Jose Aldo, who he described as “the best leg-kicker at 145”, to beat “The Notorious” in their massive UFC 194 featherweight title unification bout.

It was an interesting new addition to the conquering Conor conversation.

Despite picking Aldo, as well as his own charge, Dillashaw, to beat Conor, Duane was also very complimentary of the Straight Blast Gym Ireland representative. Speaking of the reasons behind McGregor’s success, Ludwig said “he believes, that’s the main thing. He believes, he hits hard, he’s got good timing and accuracy”. Later, he added “I love McGregor man”.

He did have a request for the Dublin native, however. “Can you please stop punking Faber so bad, because he’s taking it out on me”.

Nice shot!

You can watch the McGregor themed portion of the show below.

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