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Video: Dana White On The Possibility Of A Future Conor McGregor Vs Urijah Faber Fight

Dana White made a visit to the Fox Sports Live studio recently to talk about The Ultimate Fighter 22, and unsurprisingly the topic of a potential Conor McGregor vs Urijah Faber fight was broached.

The UFC president didn’t provide fans who are interested in the match-up with much hope to cling to, however. “I just don’t see their career paths crossing that way”, said White. “Conor has a hard time making that 145lbs weight class, and I can see him going up”, added Dana.

It is unusual to hear a promoter dismissing a fight between two competitors with such a history. Their famous backstage altercation prior to the weigh-ins at UFC 189 alone is enough to sell a bout between the pair. The reality, though, is that right now it just doesn’t make sense, and it likely never will.

For Conor, an eventual move to 155lbs is an inevitability. While Faber is really more at home in the 135lbs bantamweight division.

Watching the fighters interact through the first few episodes of the UFC’s reality vehicle, and seeing them around each other during media appearances, one can see that their earlier animosity has dissipated. Their verbal battles could be best categorized as “banter” rather than “trash-talk”, and it is obvious that they are aware their paths are unlikely to cross.

Otherwise the atmosphere would be very different.

You can catch the full interview, in which Dana also talks about the different coaching styles that have been displayed over the years on TUF, Artem Lobov’s re-entry into the house, Conor’s desire to fight Frankie Edgar, and his eventual future at lightweight.

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