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VIDEO: Chad Mendes Talks Conor McGregor Vs Jose Aldo

Chad Mendes has full faith that his two time nemesis, Jose Aldo, can retain his title against Conor McGregor on December 12th in Las Vegas.

Mendes was recently a guest on Team Alpha Male’s podcast, Stud Show Radio. During the interview he was asked for a prediction on who would win the massive UFC 194 featherweight title unification fight.

The Californian didn’t hesitate, “I think Aldo”.

The only man to ever fight both combatants, Mendes is in a unique analytical position. He has felt the force of each mans most full blooded strikes in the heat of battle, and he expressed little doubt over who he thought was the quicker and more powerful of the two. “Aldo’s power and speed is ten times more than Conor”, said the former two time title challenger.

Mendes also stated that he feels Aldo has the ability to take Conor down and control him on the ground for the entire fight, should he so choose. “I felt Aldo on top of me, he has great control, he definitely knows what he is doing, and Conor off his back doesn’t real have anything”, said Mendes.

Prior to giving his take on how McGregor will fare against Aldo, Mendes also told his interviewers that he feels the 145lbs division contains a number of people capable of beating the Dublin fighter. The man who has borrowed Floyd Mayweather’s “Money” moniker claimed that Clay Guida, Nick Lentz, and Ricardo Lamas, all have the style and skill sets to beat the Irishman.

It seems even a loss to Conor hasn’t increased Mendes’ level of respect for the Straight Blast Gym fighter.

Another interesting note about this interview, is the claim by one of the hosts that Mendes broke his hand early in the fight. Mendes did not contradict the statement.

You can view the relevant section of the show below.

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