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UFC Legend BJ Penn Opens Up About Fighting Future

BJ Penn is one of the very few fighters to have held UFC belts in two different divisions. Many feel that the Hawaiian has had one too many fights. Penn hasn’t secured a victory in the UFC since 2010, where he knocked out Matt Hughes at UFC 123.

Since then, the former UFC lightweight and welterweight champion has had a serious fall from grace. He has gone six fights without a win, losing to household names such as Nick Diaz, Rory MacDonald and Frankie Edgar.

He then dropped to featherweight, and the UFC put him up against one of their highest prospects, in Yair Rodriguez.

It didn’t go well, he wasn’t finished early in the second round and was never in the fight. Most, if not all of the MMA community hoped that he would have hung up his gloves then.

The UFC booked Penn to fight fellow veteran Dennis Siver last June at UFC Fight Night 112.

It was much more evenly matched than Penn’s previous opponents, and it was a much closer fight. It didn’t change the outcome though, as Penn suffered a loss by majority decision.

There hasn’t been much talk of the future hall of famer since then, but he has finally opened up on ‘BJ Penn Radio’.

He said:

“I’m just hanging out, I’m just relaxing, I haven’t really been training or anything.”

“I don’t feel the fire to compete right now, I’m just kinda hanging out and, I don’t know, I don’t wanna scare anybody and say, ‘Yeah I’m fighting again.’ If I was knocking guys out in the gym all the time then maybe I’d be thinking about it. But I’m gonna go back and start training for fun and just enjoy myself. Just take it easy, enjoy myself.”

“It’s about fire and it’s about that burning drive and that burning desire on the inside to wanna be someone, wanna be something, make a name for yourself, gain some respect, make a life for yourself. That is a big part of the whole thing.”

“I’m gonna be taking it a day at a time and yep, just raise the kids, We’ll see. I’ll be training but we’ll see. Never know what happens next year. Not saying I’m gonna fight or anything but who knows what’s gonna happen.”

His retirement isn’t official yet, but it looks like he’s heading towards that direction. BJ Penn has nothing to prove to anyone, his legacy is set in stone and he will go down as one of the all-time greats.

Cian Keating, Pundit Arena

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