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UFC 206 Main Event In Turmoil Yet Again After Pettis Fails To Make Weight

The hits just keep on coming for what has always seemed like the ugly duckling of UFC Pay-per-views UFC 206, sandwiched between the prodigal sons of UFC 205 and 207.

An event which is arguably already down to its third choice of main event after Georges St-Pierre’s continued stalemate over his return, and Daniel Cormier’s failure to stay injury-free yet again, Max Holloway versus Anthony Pettis has become the headline fight.

Now, however, that fight is in jeopardy after trusted MMA reporter Ariel Helwani tweeted that Pettis has failed to make weight. Helwani has tweeted twice in the past hour, describing how the longtime-Lightweight has exceeded the 145 pound limit.

While this is bad news, there is no word as of yet on whether this means the fight will go ahead or not. However, even in the event that Holloway does agree to fight perhaps at a catchweight of 150 pounds, it is yet more disruption to this seemingly star-crossed main event.

The interim Featherweight title will now in all likelihood, not be on the line. If this does prove to be the outcome, as many are now expecting, it is another embarrassing gaffe by UFC management after seemingly stripping Conor McGregor of the belt in order to drum up interest in this contest.

The ball is now, it would appear, in Max Holloway’s court as to whether or not this fight will even go ahead as planned.

For a man who already has a very legitimate title shot, having racked up nine wins in a row, to risk his lofty status at the head of the queue by fighting an opponent with a possible size advantage in what is now a regular, non-title fight, would be very risky. It certainly does not appear to offer much in terms of reward for the Hawaiin at this late stage.

However, Holloway has proven himself to be an extremely brave fighter who is willing to throw down with just about anyone.

Much like Conor McGregor, one would expect that he will back himself to overcome any last-minute change of plan and the fight will go ahead. Be sure to stay tuned to the situation though, as at this late stage it is tough to confidently predict what will happen.

Vincent Whelan, Pundit Arena

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