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UFC 194 Ref Reveals What Conor McGregor Said To Jose Aldo During Victory Announcement

UFC Referee Big John McCarthy has revealed what Conor McGregor said to Jose Aldo as the pair awaited the victory announcement. 

After Conor McGregor knocked Jose Aldo out just 13 seconds into the first round of their UFC 194 title clash, the notorious Irishman rightly celebrated his phenomenal achievement. However, after just moments of sheer jubilation, something strange happened as McGregor looked sympathetically at his fallen opponent.

UFC 194: Aldo vs. McGregor

Jose Aldo had been undefeated for over a decade and had been an example to all in the sport for many a year. Given his incredible achievements, it almost seemed wrong to see him swatted aside so dismissively. And Conor knew it…

As the two stood side by side next to referee John McCarthy, McGregor leaned over to Aldo and muttered some words of condolence which, although no one could hear, were obvious to have been both supportive and respectful.

UFC 194: Aldo vs. McGregor

Today, the only man who stood between the pair at the enthralling moment has tweeted out exactly what was said and, as many could have expected, McGregor was as always, magnanimous in victory.

Check out the moment in question along with the post fight interviews below.

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