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UCMMA 37 Review


Chamtkar Sandhu of MMAMount reviews the recent instalment of UCMMA 37.

What: UCMMA 37
Where: Troxy, London – UK
When: Saturday December 1st 2013

Paul Taylor vs Darren Towler (Heavyweight)
Cancelled due to an injury to Darren Towler

Chris Harman vs Ben Smith (Light Heavyweight)
Ben Smith locked on the Kimura and tapped Chris Harman in the first round in a very mismatched main event. Smith had far more fight experience and that showed. Having said that when you are in the main event there is always pressure to perform and Smith got the job done. Surely he will be looking for a higher ranked opponent in his next outing which will get him closer to a title shot

Bill Beaumont vs Makunga Bunduku (Welterweight)
In a three round battle there was controversy in the second round when the referee took a point away from Beaumont after two low blows and it looked like with Bunduku who was controlling the action with his far superior grappling skills in the first two rounds was on his way to an easy decision victory when the third and final bell sounded. To my surprise the judges scored the fight as a majority decision for Bill Beaumont even with a point taken away. Unbelievable. I had Bunduku winning the first two rounds and gave the third to Beaumont. Another scandalous moment of MMA judging in my opinion.

Ben Craggy vs Nathan Jones (Welterweight)
Nathan Jones had the skills to match what was an amazing walk out. He took Craggy down and then took his back and slipped in the rear naked choke with perfection. Asked for a title shot in the post-fight interview and on this performance it would be hard to argue against it. Nathan Jones looks like the complete package to become a star in MMA if given the platform. Had the swagger both in and out of the cage and the crowd at the Troxy were digging it.

Alex Bilobrovka vs Luiz Tosta (Catchweight – 63kg)
Luiz Tosta walked in with a Gi on so it was safe to say that his game plan was to take Bilbrovka down and tap him out. And that’s exactly what happened. Triangle choke in the first round. Bilbrokva talked about having a good wrestling background but that was not on display here tonight. The BJJ Black Belt executed the triangle choke with perfection. Tosta really looked as if he enjoyed himself as he was all smiles both before and after the fight.

Vinny Baldwin vs Gio Merchese (Bantamweight – UK1)
Gio Merchese won this kickboxing bout by referee stoppage. Baldwin was knocked down 3 times in the first round and then again in the second and was starting to take some damage without reply. He was wobbly on his feet and couldn’t keep his balance at which point the referee thought enough was enough and stepped in to stop the fight. Nice display of leg kicks from the kickboxing artist Merchese.

Maksym Matus vs Mohammed Aldamov (Lightweight)
Great fight. Really high level grappling and at one point Aldamov who was mounted by Matus was able to reverse and get top position. Amazing wrestling on display here. Aldamov got his second attempt at a guillotine choke and sunk it deep enough to put Matus to sleep. The paramedic had to be rushed in to attend to Matus who was out cold for a while but thankfully was standing and walking around the cage a few minutes later. In my opinion I had this down for the fight of the night and thought Aldamov got the submission of the night too.
Marian Rusu vs Igor Gunar (Heavyweight)
Didn’t expect this to last long and it didn’t. Marian Rusu wins by tap out due to strikes landed. He took Igor Gunar down and after mounting him landing some relentless ground and pound. Viscous bombs which although didn’t knock Gunar out was enough to make him tap out.

Theo Michaiudis vs Marcio Santos (Catchweight – 69kg)
Santos won by majority decision. Really strange fight. Santos kept his hands down, played possum and danced around Anderson Silva esque for majority of the fight but managed to grapple well with Michaiudis and took him down which was enough to get the nod from two out of three judges. Fight almost stopped in the first round with an eye poke to Santos however it looked like it wasn’t that serious and he used the full five minutes the referee allowed to recover which was probably to get his breathe back and regain his composure.

Peter Adamski vs Miroslav Stoykov (Middleweight)
Stoykov wins in his pro debut with a great performance really showcasing his grappling and submission skills. After taking Adamski down he controlled him for the better part of the entire round almost getting the Kimura. Eventually after a scramble they got to their feet but only for Stoykov to take Adamski down again. They stumbled up where Stoykov pushed Adamski against the cage and slipped in the Guillotine choke. A few seconds later Adamski tapped out.

Tolly Plested vs Arunas Kumavic (Welterweight)
After a year out of competition Plested showed no cage rust by controlling every element of where this fight went. He dictated the pace, took Kumavic down and then mounted him finishing with some ground and pound. He didn’t rush in with shots instead picking off Kumavic until the referee came in to stop the onslaught of punches and elbows. This win will give Plested confidence and hopefully his next bout isn’t in a year.

Matt Robinson vs Marvin Vettori (Welterweight)
Marvin Vettori tapped Matt Robinson out with a rear naked choke towards the end of the first round. They started on their feet and traded a few blows before Robinson used his wrestling and took Vettori down. After mounting him he was close to finishing the fight with some ground and pound but they scrambled and ultimately when Robinson took Vettori’s back it was really easy for him to slip the RNC in. Clinical finishing.

Vitor Silva vs Alfie Davis (Semi-Pro Lightweight)
Alfie Davis really impressed with a first round highlight reel knock out. With the crowd firmly on his side he took that momentum into the fight with a lot of swagger as the two squared off. After about a minute of trading punches and kicks Davis attempted two head kicks with the second proving to be the blow to knock Silva out. In his post fight interview Davis claims to be the best lightweight in England and is prepared to take on all comers to prove it. If this performance is anything to go by he has a bright future ahead of him. Looking forward to seeing him compete again. He got my nod for knock out of the night which is quite rare to be awarded to the first preliminary fight of the night but Davis earned it. He literally got the fight card started with a bang.



FIGHT OF THE NIGHT:Maksym Matus vs Mohammed Aldamov

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