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Tyron Woodley Has A Terrifying Message For Stephen Thompson Ahead Of UFC 209 Rematch

Tyron Woodley celebrates a

Tyron Woodley and Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson gave MMA fans a veritable classic at UFC 205, where in New York they slugged it out for five rounds in a majority draw decision that saw Woodley retain his welterweight belt.

Now, with unfinished business, the pair have been confirmed for UFC 209 in March, where they will look to settle things once and for all.

Thompson was the surprise package of that famous event in New York, where, on the same night Conor McGregor made history by defeating Eddie Alvarez to become a simultaneous two-weight champion, Thompson gave the welterweight champion a serious run for his money.

NEW YORK, NY - NOVEMBER 11: UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley and Stephen Thompson face off during UFC 205 Weigh-ins at Madison Square Garden on November 11, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

Following confirmation of the rematch, Woodley revealed his thoughts on the clash via his podcast, The Morning Wood.

“He got under my skin so much, I’m just gonna go ahead and fight this dude. I don’t even care about the ration and the money and the fight that makes the most sense.

“March 4, UFC 209 in Las Vegas, Nevada, at what I believe to be the T-Mobile Center, you will see ‘Wonderboy’ get the worst ass-whooping of his life. And hopefully all his fans and all his over-entitlement decease at that moment and we can do a eulogy for it.

“I’m going to commit to taking this dude out in the most embarrassingly worst fashion. I can’t allow myself to lose to him… and this overly entitled group of individuals in mixed martial arts.”

Of his unexpectedly close encounter with Wonderboy in November, Woodley stated,

“And with that said, that last fight is in the dust.

‘I ain’t going to cry over spilled milk. I ain’t going to cry over what round, who did what, where, when, where. That fight is in the dust. It’s done, it’s over with.

‘This is a new fight, the most important fight of my life, not only to just continue to be the champion and to keep my belt.”

Given the excitement following their first fight at UFC 205 and the subsequent bad blood between the pair over contracts and delays, the hype is already at fever pitch for their rematch in March.

Fans will expect another Fight of the Night performance from both men, however, based on Woodley’s comments, he is out to ensure there is no question over the winner of their now hotly anticipated rematch.

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