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Twitter: WWE Superstar Randy Orton Takes Direct Aim At Conor McGregor

Since CM Punk signed for the UFC all the way back in 2014, we are sure that every WWE superstar has been pestered by the question ‘Would you ever try MMA?’

Some of them have probably responded ‘No’. Others, most likely in an attempt to keep up their tough guy images, probably answered ‘Yes’.

Well, if any of those in the latter group were even slightly serious, Punk’s UFC debut on Saturday night in Cleveland will undoubtedly have changed their minds. The courageous former pro wrestler was taken down in a matter of seconds, controlled and battered on the ground, before being submitted with a rear-naked choke at the 2:14 mark.

But even after Punk’s destruction, that question persists.

When he was asked recently if he had any future aspirations of making an ill-advised jump from the theatre of the WWE’s squared circle to the octagon, Randy Orton was very honest and pretty damn funny.

The comments also seemed, as Vincent Whelan acknowledged in his piece yesterday, respectful of what MMA fighters do inside the cage.

However, not long after that. Orton changed tact slightly, as he took aim at the UFC’s cash cow and constant verbal tormentor of WWE superstars, Conor McGregor.

It was hardly surprising to see this tweet, as only a couple of days previous McGregor continued his spate of attacks on pro-wrestling’s finest during a brief interview with entertainment media outlet TMZ. “Those WWE guys are straight pussies,” proclaimed the Irishman, before commending Punk for his bravery and excluding him from that category.

As many have suggested, there is a chance that McGregor’s back and forth battle with the WWE is orchestrated. Maybe, ‘The Notorious’ one is set to make an appearance for the promotion at some point in the future. But, if this isn’t part of an elaborate plan, we would suggest that Vince McMahon gets on the phone to the UFC about working something out, because there is the potential for box office gold here.

In case you missed it, check out the finish to CM Punk’s bout with Mickey Gall.

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Author: The PA Team

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