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Twitter: MMA Community Reacts To Legalisation Of The Sport In New York

Tuesday, March 22nd was a huge day for the sport of MMA.

Thanks to the passing of a bill through the New York State Assembly, a ban on the sport that has endured for almost two decades is set to be lifted. The vote was a landslide in favour of legalisation, with 113 members of the assembly voting to clear MMA’s passage into the state in the face of opposition from only 25 dissenters.

All that remains now is for Governor Andrew Cuomo, a member of the Democratic party currently serving his second term in office, to sign-off on the bill. He is expected to do so.

Once this happens, the blossoming combat sport will be legal in all 50 states.

It’s a development that opens up one of the country’s biggest markets to MMA promoters, something which has unsurprisingly delighted the higher powers in the sport’s biggest organisations.

More importantly perhaps, it adds legitmacy to a sport that still has many detractors and continues to somewhat struggle with image issues.

Best of all, this will mean a great deal to members of New York’s MMA community.

The Serra-Longo Fight Team is one of the best in the world and has been for many years. Currently training at the facility under the tutelage of former UFC welterweight champion Matt Serra and Ray Longo is former middleweight king Chris Weidman, bantamweight standout Aljamain Sterling and highly-regarded lightweight Al Iaquinta. The team’s base camp is set up on New York’s Long Island.

Though the facility has consistently produced top-class talent, the fighters have not been able to compete in the same state in which they live and train.

This was the joyous reaction at the gym when the news broke that legalisation is imminent….

It also creates the possibility that MMA fighters will finally have the opportunity to compete at one of the world’s most iconic arenas – Madison Square Garden.

The first UFC event in NYC is expected to take place later this year.

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Author: The PA Team

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