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Tweet: Cathal Pendred “Can’t Wait To Get Some Work In” With Irish Boxing Great

A recent tweet from the UFC’s Cathal Pendred suggests that he might be about to take in a spot of training with an Irish boxing legend.

Cathal Pendred’s most recent trip to the octagon resulted in a first-round TKO loss at the powerful hands of promising Englishman Tom Breese. The Dublin defeat was his second setback in a row, and it was a battering that once again highlighted Pendred’s stand-up weaknesses.

Pendred, however, is well aware that he needs to focus his energy on improving in the striking department.

In fact, during the summer he had planned to take time away from competing in the UFC to pursue a professional boxing match. Or so he claimed in a tweet that was published one week after he suffered a decision loss to John Howard at UFC 189.

Pendred’s plans were scuppered by his employers, though.

Back in September, he told the42 that the UFC forbade him from competing in such a fight while he was under contract.“I wanted to do that but the UFC have told me I’m not allowed”, said a disappointed Pendred. He also added, that when the chance to fight in front of a home crowd, in the ill-fated Breese bout, was offered to him, the hiatus was put on hold.

“The Punisher”, however, still planned on taking a break after the October 24th card, win or lose, and he reiterated that the fine-tuning of his game would remain the goal.

“After this fight you definitely won’t be seeing me fight again for a few months. I just want to get back into the gym and just focus on certain things that I’ve been wanting to focus on for a while”.

With that fight now firmly in the rear-view mirror, Pendred will have his chance.

Luckily for Cathal, it would seem he has a willing and capable volunteer to help him plaster over the cracks in his repertoire.

According to a tweet from the Straight Blast Gym representative, he recently met with former WBC bantamweight champion Wayne McCullough, after receiving an invitation from “The Pocket Rocket” to visit his Santa Monica, California gym.

And judging from the back and forth between the two, it would appear that they have arranged a few training sessions.

McCullough, who once worked with the UFC’s marketing and PR team, has often expressed his love for the sport of MMA. He even told NewsTalk that had MMA been as popular during his career as it is now, he may have been lured away from boxing.

“I definitely would have went to the UFC – you can actually hold someone and hit them at the same time. In boxing, when some one runs away, you cant hit them”.

Given his years of experience in boxing and his knowledge of MMA, Wayne may be an ideal person to aid Pendred with his boxing development.

It will be interesting to see if this relationship continues beyond the short-term.

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Author: The PA Team

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