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“He Turned Around To Me Like: ‘There’s Talk Of Me Fighting Khabib. I Might Do It In Russia'”

If this comes to pass, it would undoubtedly be the biggest UFC event of all time…

With Conor McGregor due in court in New York in June, it’s unlikely that the ‘Notorious’ Irishman will be announcing his next fight before midsummer. However, the general consensus is now that the 29-year-old will indeed make his return to the Octagon this year and, according to Khabib Nurmagomedov, talks have already begun to negotiate what would undoubtedly prove to be the biggest fight in UFC history.

“We’re talking, but if it takes too long, I don’t want to do that,” Nurmagomedov said during a Q&A event last week. “If he wants to fight this year, then we can fight. Otherwise, I don’t know. We won’t wait long. I want to fight Conor and if he can fight, I will fight him.”

Furthering Khabib’s comments, McGregor’s striking coach, Owen Roddy, stated that he had heard from the horse’s mouth that the ‘Notorious’ was very much considering taking on the undefeated Russian in his own backyard.

“Conor’s a mad thing,” said Roddy speaking on the BBC MMA Show. “He’s very funny. He turned around to me like: ‘There’s talk of me fighting Khabib. I might do it in Russia.”

“‘You know what we’ll do? We’ll do it like Rocky, we’ll go to Siberia. We’ll train in the snow and I’ll get one of those yokes that you put on your shoulders to get the lats.’

“But that’s it. He could go. Conor does mad things, and that’s what we love him for.

“There are not many people would do that but Conor’s like, ‘I’ll go to Russia and fight you in your back garden just to prove who I am’.”

Roddy also went on to explain his admiration for McGregor’s unique mindset and determination to succeed, stating that he has already achieved what most people would only dream of.

“There is something in him that meant he refused to be beaten,” Roddy said. “He seems to be the kind of guy who doesn’t take no for an answer and keeps on pushing and you have to respect someone for that. He has done really well for himself and his family and that is all you want to do in life.”

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