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Top MMA Journalist Explains Breakdown Of McGregor Alvarez UFC 205 Negotiations

Conor McGregor

UFC 205 is becoming more and more of a shambles with each passing hour…

Over the past few days, persistent reports suggested that a headline fight between Conor McGregor and Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205 was on the fringe of being confirmed. However, on Wednesday evening the UFC claimed that Conor was in fact injured and would not be ready in time to fight on the Madison Square Garden card.

As for Alvarez, after he had refused to sign a contract that would have seen him facing Khabib Nurmagomedov on November the 12th, the lightweight champion is apparently now out of contention for UFC 205.

So, how did it all go so drastically wrong? What made the fight go from a near on certainty to a non-runner over night?

According to former UFC fighter and host of top MMA podcast ‘The Fighter and the Kid‘, Brendan Schaub, negotiations fell apart as Alvarez had demanded too much from the promotion for the bout.

Speaking about the potential UFC 205 main event, Schaub stated that his sources had suggested that the lightweight champion had demanded too much from the company’s top brass across the board.

From what I hear, Eddie Alvarez was complaining to the UFC brass that he wanted more money to fight Conor McGregor. He wanted pay-per-view points, he wanted a certain amount of money and the UFC, you know Joe Silva’s going out on his shield, were like, you wanna do what?

Schaub went onto state that, although Alvarez should have simply accepted the opportunity to fight the promotion’s biggest ever star on the biggest possible stage, he also concluded that the most sensible thing from the UFC’s side, would simply be to pay Alvarez what he wants.

Looking at the whole picture… if Conor wants that 155 belt, now he’s gotta get through Khabib Nurmagomedov. Who’s gonna beat that guy? Unless he beats himself. Unless he gets injured, no one’s beating that guy. I don’t see it happening, not even close. And for Conor, it’s the worst match up at 155.

I think for Conor, it’s a tough fight, but I can see him beating Eddie Alvarez. Khabib? I mean that guy’s gonna be the champ.

It’s very short sighted by the UFC. Pay Eddie more money. What do you guys fu*king care? Madison Square Garden, how much money do you need? Pay the guy more money. Unless he’s asking for like 10 million or some ridiculous number… It’s very short sighted.

Although it is not clear as of yet how this one will play out. What does seem certain is that the UFC were in someway being misleading in their claims that McGregor was incapable of fighting on November the 12th.

Multiple journalists have now stated that McGregor will be fit and ready to go in time for UFC 205 and as such, it still seems unthinkable that a main event featuring the ‘Notorious’ Irishman will not be announced in the coming days.

Check out the section of the podcast that discusses the above from the 1:18:00 mark below;


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