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Tony Ferguson Goes To Town On Nate Diaz Following Bizarre MMA Hour Interview

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It hasn’t taken Tony Ferguson very long to respond to that Nate Diaz interview…

Having not fought since his epic encounter with Conor McGregor at UFC 202, MMA fans were in fits of excitement this week when the news broke that Nate Diaz would be featuring on an impromptu edition of the MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani.

However, those fans who were expecting a fight announcement were left disappointed after the Stockton man announced that he had no intention of getting back in the cage anytime soon unless the UFC forked out some big cash or a specific fighter gave him an irresistible urge to return.

Tony Ferguson has been linked with a bout with the 32-year-old since his UFC 209 fight with Khabib Nurmagomedov fell apart and, speaking to Submission Radio on Thursday, ‘El Cucuy’ went to town on Nate’s ramblings on The MMA Hour.

Well I figured, I was like,’ S**t, man. The next person that beat the dude that’s next in line would be Nate.’ So it had absolutely nothing to do with management and it had nothing to do with the f**king money either. I get paid either way and I get paid good,” Ferguson said speaking about Nate’s accusation that Tony’s manager was trying to put together the bout as he also represents Conor McGregor.

“These dudes want to f**king make it soft and be like, ‘Oh money fight, money fight. This and that money fight.’ Yeah that’s cool. The money will come to you, you’ve just got to keep winning. You’ve gotta keep putting in the time but these b**ches want to fight like one time and then go and retire. I understand it. You’re a p**sy, don’t worry about it. You don’t like to fight. You’re in the wrong sport. Go try tennis.

“This is a man’s sport. I fight. I like to have job security. Give me somebody in front of me that wants to have their ass beat. Give me somebody that wants to go in there and test their wit against me. I thought this was the UFC and we’re supposed to be the best and toughest fighters in the world. Point and proven, Khabib, McGregor, and Nate Diaz are a bunch of bitches. It’s all fake for them.”

Speaking on The MMA Hour, Nate confirmed that he had in fact been offered a fight with Tony Ferguson at UFC 213 but that he had declined the offer as the UFC were unwilling to meet his financial demands.

However, as Ariel Helwani closed the interview, Nate did say that, although it was unlikely we would see him back in the octagon in the near future, if the offer was right, he would be willing to return.

Dana White, pay the man, and let’s get these two inside the cage.

Hat tip for transcription: MMA Fighting

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