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The Three Most Probable Scenarios For Conor McGregor & UFC 205

After the whirlwind saga that saw Conor McGregor announcing his retirement in the build up to UFC 200, it now looks as if the featherweight champion is once again caught up in some form of stand off with the promotion.

Although weeks of rumours had suggested that a fight with Eddie Alvarez was on the fringe of confirmation, the news broke on Wednesday evening that the lightweight champion was in fact being lined up to defend his title against Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Multiple reports suggested that the UFC had handed Alvarez a bout with the Russian as some sort of punishment for demanding too much money for the McGregor fight.

However, those claims were dismissed on Thursday night as Alvarez himself labelled them as lies, while the highly regarded Ariel Helwani, broke the massive news that the UFC had never even offered the lightweight champion the McGregor fight to begin with.

It’s also important to remember that, although the UFC have made claims that Conor McGregor is suffering with a leg injury that will keep him out of Madison Square Garden on November the 12th, clear noise emanating from the Irishman’s camp has stated the contrary.

So, what is really going on and why does everyone seem to be in such jarring disagreement with regard to what is happening behind the scenes in the build up to UFC 205?

Here are the three most likely scenarios;

The UFC are determined to see McGregor defend his featherweight title against Jose Aldo 

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - OCTOBER 25: Jose Aldo of Brazil looks on in his featherweight championship bout against Chad Mendes of the United States during the UFC 179 event at Maracanazinho on October 25, 2014 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (Photo by Buda Mendes/Getty Images)

Dana White has on several occasions stated that, if Conor McGregor does not defend his featherweight title in his next fight, he will be forced to relinquish the 145 lbs crown.

“Conor has to defend his title or make a decision to give it up… If I were Conor, I’d defend my title.” Dana White

At the same time, McGregor himself has made it abundantly clear that he is unwilling to surrender the belt as he is determined to become the first man to reign supreme in two UFC divisions simultaneously.

“I don’t think they’re gonna strip me of the belt. They want to give my belt to the guy I knocked out in 13 seconds and bury that division in the prelims?” Conor McGregor

What could very well be happening here is an old fashioned Mexican stand-off. Conor is unwilling to budge on the issue of the belt, neither are the UFC.

As a result, the MMA promotion and Dana White are doing everything in their power to get Eddie Alvarez booked into another fight as fast as possible to simply remove that option for McGregor. If there’s no chance of a lightweight title shot, McGregor will be forced into defending his belt against Jose Aldo at UFC 205.

What is interesting about this theory is that, rather suspiciously, Jose Aldo has been very quiet in recent weeks. After his disastrous defeat at the hands of McGregor at UFC 194, the Brazilian has been almost constantly campaigning for a rematch with the Irishman but lately… nothing.

Maybe, just maybe, the Brazilian isn’t making any noise because he already has what he wants – a rematch with the man who knocked him out cold in 13 seconds.

Conor is being lined up for a super-fight that no one is aware of yet


This is perhaps the most out there theory of the three but, with Georges St-Pierre rumored to be making his return to the Octagon this year, many have suggested that a titanic welterweight bout vs McGregor may well be a possibility.

A fight between the Canadian and the Notorious would unquestionably break the UFC’s pay-per-view records with ease. However, this scenario seems somewhat unlikely as St-Pierre has been unable to overcome a dispute with the UFC regarding his sponsorship deals since deciding to return the cage.

This whole controversy has been a promotional stunt by the UFC

UFC Eddie Alvarez

There is still a strong chance that this whole controversy has been nothing more than rabbits and hats. An illusion designed to build interest, and promote a fight that initially, people weren’t overly excited about.

Although Eddie Alvarez is indeed the lightweight champion, there was initially something a little bit dull about the prospect of seeing him square off with McGregor.

What if a lightweight title fight featuring Conor McGregor was booked as the main event at Madison Square Garden for UFC 205 and… no one really cared?

However, now that the UFC have snatched the potential bout away from us, the crowds have begun to clamor and reach. The fight that once seemed uninteresting, has suddenly become the only fight that the fans want to see.


Whichever one of the above is the case, it looks as if everything will be cleared up by next Tuesday at the very latest. Here at Pundit HQ, we await with bated breath…

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