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‘Thousands Of Years Ago He Would Probably Have Been King’ – Duane Ludwig Waxes Lyrical On Conor McGregor

Considering he lives in a nation that recently elected Donald Trump as president, it’s not exactly surprising that Duane Ludwig is of the belief that UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor could adequately run a country. 

During a recent appearance on Radio, the coach and former fighter was discussing the fact that there is so much McGregor mimicry going on in MMA at the moment. Though he expressed annoyance at the trend, ‘Bang’ made it clear that he is a huge fan of the original, waxing lyrical about McGregor’s wit and intelligence before bizarrely suggesting that in another era ‘The Notorious’ Irishman might have been a king.

“Look what Conor’s been able to do,” said Ludwig(Transcription via TheMacLife). “That motherfucker might fight [Floyd] Mayweather. That is huge. I’m a Conor McGregor fan, that guy is making some big things happen. But there’s a very select few people that can pull that off, it shouldn’t be everybody acting mad and talking stupid. You know, people are trying to talk like Conor, but he doesn’t swear, he’s really articulate, he’s funny.”

Hold on a minute. Doesn’t swear? Em…


“The guy’s a genius at what he’s doing,” Ludwig continued. “I’m all for that. And he performs, he loves the limelight. I’m all for it. I want to see how far he can go as a human. I think if we were fucking thousands of years ago, he would probably be the king. He’d be running shit. Tell me that guy couldn’t be running a country. He’s probably running Ireland.”

Not at the moment Duane. Although it wouldn’t come as a tremendous shock if McGregor tossed his hat into the political ring after his career in combat sports comes to an end.

Ludwig’s fandom of Conor McGregor is interesting considering the torment that the SBG product brought upon Duane’s most famous student, former UFC bantamweight champion T.J. Dillashaw, with his now infamous “snake in the grass” comment on an episode of The Ultimate Fighter 22 back in 2015.

Ludwig last fought in September of 2012, when he lost to Che Mills via TKO at UFC on Fuel 5. Over the course of a 12-year career, the Colorado native compiled a professional record of 21-14(3-6 in the UFC) and was responsible for one of the quickest knockouts in UFC history, an 11-second starching of Jonathan Goulet in 2006.

After his retirement, the former Bas Rutten protege turned to coaching and quickly found success with the California-based Team Alpha Male, winning the Coach of the Year award at the World MMA Awards in 2013. He would win the award again the following year, but by that time he had parted ways with TAM under acrimonious circumstances and opened his own gym in Colorado. However, he continued to work with Dillashaw, who would later leave TAM and join the Colorado-based Elevation Fight Team in order to be closer to Ludwig. This caused a major rift between Dillashaw and his former teammates.

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Author: The PA Team

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