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The Definitive Image That Sums Up The Utter Dominance Of Conor McGregor Over Eddie Alvarez At UFC 205

Pulses are finally beginning to slow following what was an absolutely spectacular night of MMA at New York’s Madison Square Garden on Saturday, a night where Conor McGregor made history.

The UFC featherweight champion finally got his shot at the lightweight title after almost eight months of waiting and, as he promised so many times before, he delivered, and then some.

On Saturday at UFC 205, the lightweight strap was finally within reach and the eight minute long title fight with Eddie Alvarez saw McGregor deliver what many have called his most complete performance to date.

Conor McGregor

The certainty of his movements, the confidence in his ability and the devastating manner in which he delivered the combination of the two, saw Alvarez, a 32-fight veteran, appear almost amateur by comparison.

Since creating history, becoming the first simultaneous two-weight UFC champion, the superlatives offered up as homage to the performance, have been endless. However, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. The truth of this resonates with one particular image from the fight, more so than any other and it demonstrates the utter superiority and dominance McGregor enjoyed over Alvarez in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Not the money shot that ended Alvarez’s short reign of the lightweight division, nor the already iconic shot of McGregor holding aloft his spoils of war. No, the definitive image that fans should remember is this one.

UFC 205: Alvarez v McGregor

The idea of a fist hurtling towards your face would instantly fill normal people with fear and adrenaline. An involuntary stupid expression would adorn your face and panic would dance at the surface of your psyche.

McGregor, however, appeared calm, serene even. Knowing exactly the extent of Alvarez’s reach, the Dubliner lurks just beyond. Though his opponent’s fist no more than two inches from his nose, he appears almost indifferent. With a wide stance and hands loose, there is zero fear on display here.

Where his body exudes calm, like a storm on the horizon of a tranquil sea, McGregor’s sledgehammer left fist is cocked and ready to unwind. The moment caught in this shot screams at what is to come. With Alvarez stretched to his limit, his right arm will drop, exposing his jaw to the primed pose of the Irishman.

Two seconds after the image was captured, Alvarez lay prone on the canvas with referee John McCarthy waiving off the history making Irishman. A blistering left-right-left-right combination dropped the Philadelphia native for the third and final time.

This image should be food for thought for all of McGregor’s potential opponents at featherweight and lightweight. It shows a champion who has figured it all out and has come the conclusion that there is nothing to fear, nothing to challenge him.

This is poetry in motion. This was history in the making.

Gary Brennan, Pundit Arena

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