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The Diaz Camp Continue To Beat Conor McGregor Steroid Drum

Maybe it’s because they believe it to be true, or maybe it’s just because it drew a reaction, either way the Nate Diaz camp are continuing to claim that Conor McGregor is a steroid user.

At the UFC 196 press conference last Wednesday, Diaz stated that McGregor and, for that matter, the entire UFC roster is on performance enhancing drugs, except for he and his brother Nick.

Nate’s good friend Joe Schilling came out in support of the theory on Friday, and now another member of the Diaz base of support has added his two cents.

Speaking to Submission Radio on Sunday, Diaz’ coach, Richard Perez, reiterated his fighter’s earlier accusations about the Irishman. “Oh, I sure do believe that, heck yeah,” said Perez.

“Some guys, they get busted. And to be honest with you, I know McGregor has got to be on some kind of steroids, he’s pretty big. And then all of a sudden jumping to 170? Yeah there’s no way, cause I mean, he was supposed to be fighting at 155. So if you think about it, he was focusing on training at 155. He only had two weeks to go. And all of a sudden he’s gonna jump to 170? So no, there’s something going on. But still, we’re still gonna fight and that’s all there is to it”.

When pushed to back up the claims, Perez pointed to the flimsy ‘evidence’ provided by McGregor’s animated response to Nate’s statement.

“When Nathan mentioned it to him, he got defensive, he got angry. If somebody would have told me that I was fighting and he told me, you know, steroids, I would laugh and say, ‘yeah give me some more steroids, heck yeah, ah ha sure’. But he got defensive and mad, you know, ‘I’m not on steroids, I’m not on steroids’ You know, he was like trying to defend himself. So that, just his actions and the way he talked, there’s something behind that”.

Interestingly, Perez even suggested that McGregor’s decision to make this fight at the welterweight limit was down to the fact that he wasn’t confident of making 155lbs on account of his increased muscle mass.

“Well, all I know is that he was supposed to fight at 155, and for some reason I don’t think he would have made the weight, because he was trying to go to 165 and then he went to 170. So think about it. If you see that, you would think he had two more weeks to go, he would be close to 155 and stay on that, you know, or go to 160. But he didn’t, he jumped to 170. So that’s kinda shady right there”.

Diaz and McGregor verbally duelling during the UFC 196 presser
Diaz and McGregor verbally duelling during the UFC 196 presser

This is a drum that the Diaz brothers have been beating with great intensity as of late.

When Nick was handed a career threatening 5-year suspension and a hefty fine after testing positive for Marijuana metabolites last year, he gave an interview to media members that had gathered outside his sentencing hearing. Asked if he felt it was unjust that he was punished with such severity while his UFC 183 opponent, Anderson Silva, had received only a 1-year suspension after testing positive for a PED, an understandably emotional Diaz responded with a sweeping accusation.

“That’s ridiculous. I never did steroids in my life. I know all the fighters and they are all on steroids,” said the Stockton, California native.

In December of 2015, Diaz pointed his finger quite specifically in the direction of another former opponent during an appearance on Chael Sonnen’s podcast You’re Welcome(via MMAFighting)“Georges St-Pierre was on steroids when I fought him,” said the 32-year-old. He even claimed that neither he nor GSP were tested ahead of the Monteal based UFC 158 welterweight title bout.

“They didn’t test us because I would have tested positive for sure. I thought it was my last fight ever. What do I care? It’s like almost asking too much to win and not give away that fine. I’m like what do I care about the fine?”

His brother will find it harder to sling accusations like that at McGregor, as the USADA testing database shows that the Dublin native was tested 8 times in 2015 and 2 more times in 2016 so far.

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Author: The PA Team

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