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Watch: Team McGregor “Were Ready To Go” With Team Mayweather At Last Night’s Presser

There was an explosive kick off to the Mayweather vs. McGregor world press tour last night in a full to capacity Staples Centre, Los Angeles. 

While Conor openly admitted that it was not what he was expecting, it being much a different style to the UFC equivalent, he did pack some classic one-liners into his speech. He insisted that his speech was not planned, as he did not even realise what the format of the presser would be.

Analysing the whole spectacle, it appeared as though Floyd and his team had control over every minute detail. This is a fair assumption, considering that it is his promotion, Mayweather Promotions, running the event, and his partner network, Showtime, broadcasting the event.

From letting McGregor wait alone on stage before a delayed entry, to making him speak first in order to plan a series of comebacks, to cutting the mic of the Irishman to prevent him from interrupting the 40-year-old with any witty responses, to Floyd’s entourage outnumbering Conor’s by over 10-1 on stage, Team Mayweather (aka The Money Team) had every single second of the show thought out to work to their advantage and more importantly to the disadvantage of McGregor.

When things became heated, fighters voices raised and tension built in the arena, there was no question as to who was in trouble if a brawl was to break out. In saying this, when the MMA star poked at Floyd, antagonising him by insisting he was ready to throw down right there in the Staples Centre last night, ‘Money’ stated that he would have to wait until pay day.

Conor’s team, including striking coach Owen Roddy and UFC featherweight Artem Lobov were not allowed on stage, while The Money Team seemed to infest the podium. Afterwards, respected MMA journalist Ariel Helwani caught up with the SBG Ireland team members to get their reaction to the presser and discuss how they felt about being shunned to the side of the stage.

Lobov, in typical warrior fashion, explained that if an altercation was to ever break out, Team McGregor would be in the thick of it backing up their man.

Check out The Notorious’ team’s reaction to the presser in the clip below:

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Author: The PA Team

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