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Details Of Nate Diaz’s UFC 199 Scrap With Former Heavyweight Revealed By Team Alpha Male Coach

Ariel Helwani was ejected from UFC 199 last weekend and told that he was “banned for life”, but a quick and sensible u-turn from the promotion’s brass has cleared the path for the MMAFighting journalist to return.

After his antics at the same show however, Clay Guida’s brother Jason might not be so lucky.

The former mixed martial artist, who made an appearance on The Ultimate Fighter season 8, worked the corner as his sibling lost via 3rd round KO to Brian Ortega at the Forum in Inglewood, California, but his antics in the backstage area afterwards won’t have pleased UFC president Dana White or his business partners the Fertitta brothers.

Guida was KO'ed with a brutal knee in the 3rd round
Guida was KO’ed with a brutal knee in the 3rd round

Apparently Guida, who last competed at heavyweight, got into a physical altercation with Nate Diaz only moments before it was officially announced that the Stockton native’s massive rematch with Conor McGregor had been rescheduled for UFC 202 on August 20th.

Here is how things went down, as described by Team Alpha Male coach and Clay Guida cornerman Justin Buchholz during a recent episode of Stud Radio.

“Clay said something to him, but Clay was discombobulated at that time. He just said something to Nate. He was all like, ‘Man, I’m gonna fuck you up again’ or something like that”.

“Then fucking Jason and Nate got into it. I don’t know what happened, but Jason bull rushes Nate and tries to put him up against the wall. Nate has got him in a clinch. Like 50 people from the UFC come rushing into this thing. I’m standing in the middle and I’m like, ‘Nooo!'”.

“It’s fucking going down. Clay is grabbing Jason, a bunch of people are grabbing Nate, they’re trying to fucking kill each other for a good 30 seconds, 40 seconds”.

A wild, rampaging heavyweight willing and able to jeopardise the company’s hottest attraction of the year on a whim is not someone that the UFC are likely to want roaming the halls during their events.

It is worth noting that there is precedent for banning people from playing a role in a fighter’s corner. Former UFC light-heavyweight and heavyweight champion Randy Couture, who has had well-publicised issues with the company, was not allowed to corner his son Ryan during the lightweight’s brief tenure in the promotion.

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Author: The PA Team

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