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Shots Fired – McGregor and Aldo Face Off At UFC 189 Conference

The pandemonium is beginning to crank up with Aldo and McGregor coming together for the first official press conference ahead of their title fight.


The UFC’s World Tour Press Show, which aims to hit 5 countries in 12 days, kicked off today in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil and featured UFC 189 headliners Conor McGregor and Jose Aldo.

The two will embark on a lengthy press tour to promote the July 11th event which takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Ahead of UFC’s Fight Night between Demian Maia and Ryan LaFlare, it seemed appropriate to initiate proceedings for the press tour in the champion’s backyard.

As usual, a raucous home crowd were in attendance to cheer on their champion Jose Aldo who arrived on stage to much applause. That applause and cheering was only heightened when he decided to greet the Irishman by sticking up his middle finger towards him.

Things quickly died down with media personnel the first to ask questions to the two fighters and UFC President Dana White.

When questioned on the scale of the fight, White began by saying

Without doubt, this is the biggest featherweight fight we’ve ever had in the UFC.

It is hard to argue this comment given the publicity behind the two fighters and the intensity that McGregor himself has brought to the fight game.

One reporter alluded to Conor McGregor’s self-promotion to get him to the top of the food chain in record time.

Dana White’s respone:

Listen, talking is fun but we’re here because of what Conor has been able to do in the Octagon.

Champion Jose Aldo had a different thought however:

He just got here because he’s a good talker. He’s not a good fighter. I’m just going to run him over.

A laid back Conor McGregor, with feet up on the desk responded by saying:

Jose has one finish in the UFC. When I hit, they fall. When he hits, they survive. That is the difference.

A very entertaining press conference that descended into madness when fans questions turned into Brazilian fans chanting and singing towards McGregor.

The ball is certainly in motion for one of the most anticipated title fights this year and certainly sets an interesting backdrop for the remainder of the press tour.

Towards the tail end of the conference, Dana White announced that UFC 190 will take place in Rio on August 1st with Ronda Rousey (champ) defending her belt against unbeaten Bethe Correia.

The two were brought on stage to promote the fight and staredown alongside Aldo and McGregor.

Don’t forget that a UFC fan event takes place in Dublin’s Convention Centre on Spencer Dock on Tuesday, 31st March from 5pm. This is a free event but entrants are required to have a ticket to gain access.

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