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Rumble Johnson Silences Stockholm

At UFC Fight Night Stockholm in the Tele2Arena, Anthony “Rumble” Johnson defeated Alexander Gustafsson in his back yard to shake up the Light Heavyweight (205) divison.


While this fight hardly counts as an upset, it surely feels like one, especially considering the amount of hype surrounding Gustafsson coming in. Johnson rained on the blue and yellow parade and played spoiler to a blockbuster rematch.

The whole fight changed after Johnson was unintentionally poked in the eye as the Swede tried to push him out of punching reach.  On the restart, Gustafsson threw out a pretty front kick but took a strong hook as collateral damage.

Gustafsson fell to his knee and tried to recover but Johnson swarmed him with punches. The Swede toppled over with Johnson on his hip, perfectly positioned rapid-firing right hands to his head. Gustafsson stayed turtled as Johnson ruthlessly teed off on him with a volley of unanswered punches until the referee stepped in and ended the fight.  He gave the hometown hero every chance to fight back and save the fight, but alas, Gustafsson couldn’t muster up a defence.

Gustafsson was christened as the chosen one, but after dropping his third fight in the UFC, he is forced to take a few steps back in line. There isn’t any slight of skill or excuses for the Swede getting trounced in front of his home crowd.  He chose to play with fire against a dangerous knockout artist and got burned.  Gus didn’t make any excuses either, admitting defeat to Joe Rogan, thanking his fellow Swede’s for packing the arena and saying

“He caught me. I got caught today.”

With this win, Johnson spoils the hotly anticipated rematch between Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson. On the bright side, Johnson continues to look sensational at 205, and with the win tonight, he sets himself up as a real threat to Jones’ reign.  Previously, Gus has been the only man who made Bones look human, however, with his phenomenal power (and upgrade on size from Daniel Cormier), Johnson may be the only man to challenge the Black Prince of the UFC in Jones.

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