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Twitter: Roy Nelson Takes A Shot At Dana White Over Claims That Brock Lesnar Was Clean

Dana White is not renowned for his patience or diplomacy when it comes to dealing with fans on social media. In fact, the UFC president is generally downright belligerent with those who challenge the company line.

One matter that had fans, and indeed members of the MMA media, asking numerous questions of White over the last several weeks was the anti-doping policy exemption granted to Brock Lesnar.

Normally an athlete returning from retirement would have to inform the company of his/her intentions and make him/herself available for USADA drug-testing four months in advance of a bout, but Lesnar was allowed to forego such procedures due to the exceptional circumstances surrounding his comeback at UFC 200.

Lesnar scored a unanimous decision victory over Hunt at UFC 200
Lesnar scored a unanimous decision victory over Hunt at UFC 200

“Given Lesnar last competed in UFC on December 30, 2011, long before the UFC Anti-Doping Policy went into effect, for purposes of the Anti-Doping Policy, he is being treated similarly to a new athlete coming into the organization,” read a statement released by the promotion(via Sherdog).

“While conversations with the heavyweight have been ongoing for some time, Lesnar required permission from WWE to compete in UFC 200 and only agreed to terms and signed a bout agreement last Friday[June 3rd]”.

This statement did little to quell the commotion surrounding the story though, as many were enraged by the lack of consistency, including Lesnar’s scheduled opponent Mark Hunt.

The disquiet continued in the aftermath of Lesnar’s decision win over Hunt on Saturday, but White was adamant that the testing carried out after the WWE superstar was introduced to the drug-testing program confirmed that he was ‘clean’ and dealt with one suggestion to the contrary in characteristically blunt fashion.

This tweet and it’s tone is probably a source of great embarrassment for White today however, as it was announced on Friday night that Lesnar had been flagged for a potential anti-doping violation by USADA.

Unfortunately for the pugnacious prez, the tweet wasn’t forgotten and it has received a fair amount of attention online since the news of Lesnar’s apparent transgression broke. Among those who took a shot at White for his comments was UFC heavyweight veteran Roy Nelson.

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Author: The PA Team

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