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Joe Rogan Slams Conor McGregor’s Belt, Calls It ‘Illegitimate’

Joe Rogan has been speaking about Conor McGregor’s interim UFC title belt, and has not held back.

For those who do not follow the often superb twists that derive from the “JRE” (Joe Rogan Experience Podcasts), you may recognise Joe Rogan as the guy with the most memorable scream in MMA and the best mean mug you may ever see.

Joe is one to shoot from the hip; nothing is ever taboo and no topic is off limits.  Even those he respects and calls ‘friends’ are not safe – Brendan Schaub, UFC fighter and contributor in Rogan’s fight companions was blasted live on air by Rogan as a fighter who should retire before he gets seriously hurt.

An awkward watch, Schaub was completely blind sided for over an hour by the colour commentator who told him that he was never going to win a UFC title and should get out of the game while he still could.

This week, Rogan turned his eye to the UFC cash cow Conor McGregor. As we all know, Crumlin’s ‘Notorious One’ seized the interim UFC Featherweight Title in the most memorable fashion this summer at UFC 189 in a bout against Chad Mendes when the five-year title holder Jose Aldo pulled out due to a rib injury.

While Aldo has come in for severe criticism as someone who is not healthy enough to defend his title on a regular basis, a faction still regard ‘Scarface”’ as the true champion.

Rogan let loose on his employers and McGregor in advance of the unification bout at UFC194.

“Belts are bulls***. who cares? It’s the best fighters vs. the best fighters. We all know who the best fighters are, right? Have the best fighters fight the best guys. when you beat the best guy, you’re the best fighter.”

“Let’s be honest. McGregor has an illegitimate belt. It’s a made up belt. We call it the ‘interim’ belt but Aldo defended his title a year ago. Stripping a guy because he doesn’t— because he can’t get through a camp without getting injured is a part of MMA.

It’s always been a part of MMA. But, because of the marketing, because of the hype behind it, because of the huge event, the enormity, the economics of the event, they decide to make [McGregor vs. Mendes] an interim fight. He’s got a title. Aldo’s got a title. They both have titles. So they’re fighting for the undisputed title.”

“Wouldn’t it be better if they just fought? We know how big Conor is. We know how big Aldo is. Let’s go fight, guys!”

The whole podcast (including a very interesting pre-cursor about weight classes) can be watched below.

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