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Report: Member Of Conor McGregor’s Immediate Family Reveals Reason For Fighter’s Decision

On Tuesday night, amidst the frenzied initial furor surrounding Conor McGregor’s ‘retirement’, reporter Jonathan Shrager contacted a source very close to the SBG fighter for comment.

According to Shrager, a member of McGregor’s “immediate family” advised him to take the still-reigning UFC featherweight champion’s Twitter bombshell at “face value”.

The cumulative sources of other big name journalists were painting a similar picture.

The reasons for McGregor’s decision were, however, still shrouded in mystery.

During a recorded video call, Ariel Helwani of MMAFighting suggested to his colleague Luke Thomas that McGregor’s decision, which resulted in his removal from the main event slot of July’s massive UFC 200 card, might have something to do with a recent and well-documented traumatic experience.

“One week ago in Ireland, Conor McGregor was sitting cageside when his teammate Charlie Ward fought Joao Carvalho, who tragically passed away a few days later,” said the esteemed journalist.

“From talking to people and knowing Conor like I do, the idea of going to Vegas, promoting a fight, and pretending that all’s well in the fight game after witnessing something like that first hand is a tough thing for a young man to swallow”.

Judging from an update by Shrager and his aforementioned McGregor family source however, it may have been the sheer intensity and extensive nature of the promotional obligations themselves that inspired the “The Notorious” to opt out.

A planned “mini world tour” was apparently too much for McGregor.

ESPN’s Brett Okamoto seemed to fall somewhere between Helwani and Shrager.

Shortly after beating Chad Mendes for the interim-featherweight title at UFC 189, McGregor, clearly in a state of physical and emotional exhaustion, famously acknowledged the rigorous nature of the media tour that he had to endure in the run up to the fight.

“So much went on in the build-up to this fight,” McGregor told Joe Rogan. “So much media obligation. I went around the world twice”.

Later, in the weeks approaching his UFC 194 clash with Jose Aldo, McGregor revealed the impact that such an arduous schedule of appearances had on him, during an interview with Gareth A. Davies of BT Sport.

“You could not understand the amount of adversity I had to conquer to make it to that octagon that night. The world tours I went on, the amount of media obligations, the amount of times I felt like I was a monkey in the zoo, locked in a cage. And they feed me a banana and asked me to dance. So I overcame a lot of adversity, a lot of hard work to get to that octagon”.

It now seems that the UFC no longer has a cage big enough to contain the Irishman.

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Author: The PA Team

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