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Pic: SBG Ireland’s Makwan Amirkhani Poses With Unconscious Burglar After Knocking Him Out

Question: What’s worse than the police showing up while you are exiting a house after a robbery? Answer: A miffed UFC fighter showing up first, knocking you out and holding you until the police come.

That’s what happened an individual who, along with a co-conspirator, entered the home of a friend of UFC featherweight Makwan Amirkhani at the beginning of the month.

As Amirkhani explained to Ariel Helwani on Monday’s edition of The MMA Hour, he was hanging out with his family at home in Finland when they received a report via the phone that a friends house had been broken into and that their young son was hiding in a closet.

So, ‘Mr. Finland’ and his brother raced to the scene.

When he and his brother separated briefly in an attempt to trap the fleeing pair, however, the situation became an even scarier one.

“All I see, because my brother went from the other side, all I see is two guys, they looked like Russians, and they were hitting on my brother,” said the fighter. “I thought that the other guy had a knife. It wasn’t a knife, but it really looked like a knife, and I thought that they are stabbing my brother. And I said, ‘Fuck, I don’t care, they can stab me too, but I am going to help my brother’. So they hit me in my neck and it wasn’t a knife, it was something to open a door, a lock. Then, when I realised that this guy didn’t have knife, I was like, ‘He is going to die now’. All I needed was one punch and this fucking guy was lying on the snow. Then it was all over the news, and I took one selfie and put it on my Facebook.”

“My cousin, he ran – he had a baseball, and he said, ‘Oh, it’s over. Well, it’s a good warm-up for [UFC Fight Night London].'”

While the second burglar escaped with his consciousness, Amirkhani said that he was later apprehended by police. The young child who had been inside the house was shaken, but unharmed.

Strangely, this isn’t the first time that Amirkhani has thwarted a robbery.

Back in 2015, the Iranian born Finn, now based at SBG Concorde in Dublin, stopped a couple of young men from stealing beer from a coffee shop he frequented. On that occasion, however, he did not have to use force. He simply chased down the pair and said, “I suggest that you stop(via MMAFighting)” – a line that is both badass and polite all at once.

Looking to avoid an appearance on ‘Finland’s Dumbest Criminals’, the men complied.

The crime fighting Amirkhani, who has gone 3-0 since making his UFC debut in January of 2015 but hasn’t fought since February of 2016, returns to plain old cage fighting this Saturday night in London. The 28-year-old takes on England’s own Arnold Allen, also unbeaten in the UFC and coming off an identical period of inactivity, at UFC Fight Night 107.

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Author: The PA Team

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