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Pic: Further Proof That Conor McGregor Is Truly Obsessed With All Things Fighting

Conor McGregor is truly obsessed….

Conor McGregor has often said that as a young man he would dwell on physical altercations he had been involved in on the streets or at school. While other kids would just walk away from a scrap and think nothing more of it, he would continue to obsess about every detail of what had transpired.

It was this mindset that eventually brought him to mixed martial arts.

Though one might assume that he would now be more focused on the sport of MMA rather than the self-defence elements, McGregor obviously still maintains an interest in the ‘real world’ applications of what he learns.

This was clearly displayed in a social media post that the fighter produced on Monday.

Alongside a picture which captured the moment that ‘Big’ John McCarthy intervened to end his pummeling of an already unconscious Jose Aldo at UFC 194, McGregor presented his musings on how to defend oneself against multiple attackers.

The role of attacker number 2 in this case would be played by the famed referee, who in the end of Conor’s story would end up face-down and unconscious having being drilled several times in the temple.

What a scary man he is.

It is a post that makes for an interesting read….

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Author: The PA Team

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