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Owen Roddy Confirms Conor McGregor’s Leg Is 100%, Predicts Knockout Victory For UFC 205

In what will come as great news to Conor McGregor fans, his SBG striking coach Owen Roddy spoke yesterday on Submission Radio and allayed any fears people had that ‘The Notorious’ was still feeling the after effects of his five-round war with Nate Diaz at UFC 202.

It seems some initial reports of a broken foot were way off the mark as Roddy assured listeners that, “He (Conor) was back in the gym moving about two days afterwards in Vegas. You saw the amount of kicks he threw in the Diaz fight and he obviously just caught a few of them on the knee and he just really badly bruised his shin.

“There was no serious issue with the foot. I think they found a small fracture from a while back but it was nothing. The shin itself was really bashed up from after the fight, but within a couple of days he was back training and moving around. There’s no issues there and he’s 100% – he was a couple of days after.”

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When further pressed on Dana White’s recent comments prior to the Alvarez fight being agreed about McGregor not being healthy enough, Roddy was again quick to repudiate that sentiment, “No, no, nothing really – Conor’s leg is perfectly fine. As I said, after the Diaz fight he was back within days. He’s good to go. We have six weeks now and he will be fine and all from now until the fight.”

So with that bit of happy news confirmed for McGregor’s fans, they can now really look forward to UFC 205. Regarding the outcome, Roddy was similarly bullish to McGregor himself,

“No disrespect to Alvarez – he’s a great fighter, but he moves very similar to a lot of the guys that Conor has fought. Even when Conor has fought strikers, they’ve all become that type of fighter – when Conor lands they become a panicked wrestler. That’s what’s going to happen. Conor lands clean and when it comes to a few exchanges Alvarez is going to feel the difference in accuracy and power and he’s going to try and wrestle.

“It’s what they all do. Conor has fought that type of person all his career. Alvarez is a great wrestler so there will be stuff we will be working on with Conor to make sure Alvarez can’t keep ahold of him and can’t keep him against the fence. Conor is going to land and it’s going to be a matter of time before Alvarez goes to sleep to be totally honest.”

Vincent Whelan, Pundit Arena

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