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One Year Later: Confirming Big John McCarthy Landed A Solid Knee On Jose Aldo At UFC 194

December 12th 2015 will surely go down as the worst night in Jose Aldo’s career…

After a left hook from Conor McGregor sent Jose Aldo into a state of unconsciousness just 13 seconds into the main event of UFC 194, referee John McCarthy had to react quickly in order to stop the Irishman from raining hammer fists down on the unconscious Aldo.

However, in his enthusiasm to drive Conor away from the downed Brazilian, Big John seemingly forgot to take note of his own massive physique as he appeared to land a crunching knee on Jose Aldo’s face as he pushed the Notorious Irishman away.

Although the knee wasn’t clear, multiple angles had suggested that some contact had been made, forcing the highly respected UFC referee to respond to the incident. Asked if he actually made contact with Aldo’s face, Big John claimed that he didn’t feel anything so, if there was contact, it wasn’t of real note.

However, a year after the night in question, the clip below shows that Big John made some form of impression on the Brazilian as, just as he was regaining consciousness after McGregor’s KO, he was welcomed back to reality by the loving embrace of a titanic knee in the mug.

A left hook, hammer-fists and a knee in the face by the biggest referee in the game… it’s no wonder the Brazilian found it so hard to get up.

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Author: The PA Team

This article was written by a member of The PA Team.