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One Of The World’s Top Pound For Pound Boxers Offers To Spar With Conor McGregor

Earlier in the month, Conor McGregor received a rather bizarre call-out via social media, when pound-for pound rated boxer Vasyl Lomachenko tweeted that he was ready to “test” the Irishman in the boxing ring.

That might not sound all that strange in and of itself, but the fact that Lomachenko’s tweet included a picture of himself clad in a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles costume is what set it apart from the various other call-outs that McGregor has received from boxers as of late.

Thankfully, the Ukrainian has finally offered up an explanation for the rather ludicrous nature of the post.

“My friend gave me this present, this suit, Ninja Turtle,” Lomachenko told Radio Rahim. “I train with this suit, and after that, when I come back home, I take my phone and listen to the internet. I saw some video with McGregor. McGregor said, ‘I can fight with Ninja Turtle. Why are you talking about Mayweather? If I want to fight Ninja Turtle, I can fight Ninja Turtle.'”

“I saw this, and then think, ‘Oh! I have a suit, Ninja Turtle. Why not?” 

Still no idea what’s going on?

Well, it seems this is all a simple misunderstanding. The video to which Lomachenko seems to be referring was made by entertainment media outlet TMZ a few months back and features a very animated McGregor talking about the prospect of boxing Floyd Mayweather Jr.

“Fuck Floyd,” says McGregor in the video, when asked by a TMZ reporter about the proposed fight.“What’s Floyd going to do? We’re looking for anyone. I’m the one with the numbers, we’re looking for anyone.” 

Now, this is where it might have become tricky for a guy whose first language isn’t English. McGregor, standing beside a luminous green/yellow sports car, then says, “Hold on, while I jump into this Mutant Ninja Turtle yoke?”

Confronted with the Dublin accent, an odd reference to a group comic book characters and some colloquial Irish terminology(‘yoke’), poor ‘Loma’ didn’t have a clue what was happening. Which is understandable.

As the super-featherweight titlist went on to explain, his call-out wasn’t legitimate anyway. Rather he was just joking around. He did, however, offer to spar with McGregor and give him some boxing advice.

“I send this message for him, but I’m not talking about an official fight,” he said. “I say (have a) boxing test. If we make a sparring session, I think it will be great for him, because I can show him boxing skills.”

“I like McGregor. McGregor is very funny guy. He is very smart for this business.”

Given that Lomachenko is probably the most technically proficient boxer in the world today and has displayed all-time great footwork in his brief but exceptional pro career, as well as throughout his ridiculously decorated amateur career, McGregor would be wise to avail of this opportunity.

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