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Nick Diaz Doesn’t Seem Like He Has Learned A Lesson From His Suspension Saga

Despite all the hassle that it has caused him over the course of the last year or so, Nick Diaz doesn’t seem like he has any intention of ceasing his use of marijuana.

The fighter was handed a career-threatening 5 year suspension and a hefty fine in the region of $165,000 by the Nevada State Athletic Commission after he tested positive for metabolites of the drug following a January 2015 loss to Anderson Silva. Diaz had also been popped for marijuana usage in 2007 and 2012, a factor that likely contributed to the severity of his sentence.

According to MMAFighting, the fact that Diaz’ claimed on a pre-fight questionnaire that he had not used marijuana in the previous 30 days may have also played a role, as the NSAC felt he was being untruthful.

The suspension caused outrage within the MMA community and among fans, due to the fact that Diaz was punished so harshly for taking a substance that does not enhance performance.

(Perhaps they should take a look at his gogoplata against Takanori Gomi back in 2007, the fight after which he was busted the first time).

In January, however, Diaz reached a settlement with the NSAC that saw a reduction to both the suspension and the fine. As a result, he will be free to compete anytime after August 1st of this year.

In a recent interview with Dan Skye of High Times(greatest combination of journalist and publication names ever), however, Diaz didn’t seem like he had yet put the saga behind him. He highlighted discrepancies between the levels of the drug found in his system from one test to the next and questioned why he had been tested with unparalleled regularity, both in the run-up to and aftermath of the bout.

“I knew that if I was tested, I’d come up under 15 nanograms—which I did,” said Diaz. “I knew I wasn’t going to come up over 100 nanograms, which was their level. Then I was tested five days later and came back seven times higher. They’re full of shit. Whatever happened is bullshit: I never got tested that many times—at least five times from when I got to Vegas, before the fight and after”. 

Even if Nick feels he has been the victim of injustice though, one have imagined that he might just commit to changing his previous behaviour as to avoid any future run-ins with his pals at the NSAC.

Think again.

“If I’m at home and I’m training—doing my same things every day—then I’m definitely going to want to use cannabis,” stated the stubborn Stockton native. “It’s gonna help. I’m trying to stay focused on what I’m doing. I don’t want a whole lot of things going on—people to call back, or text messages or whatever. I chill out, relax a little bit, and then I don’t have those issues. If I’m going to train all day, when I get done, I’m gonna want to smoke. If I have to go and train all day, before I go, I’m gonna want to smoke. If I wake up in the morning and feel beat to shit, and it’s going to take me forever to wake up, I smoke some weed and I wake right up. Then I have breakfast and I go do a workout”.

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