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New York: The city that doesn’t have….MMA?

The newest member of the SIE Team, LegitMMA, voices his frustrations over the MMA legalisation debate in New York.

It’s 2013, the age of technology, social media, metro sexuality (whatever that is) and one of the world’s most vibrant places does not legalise MMA. Of course the place in question is New York. It’s a constant feature in combat news, and pressure on those in charge to change the law is growing. For the past four years the legislation has been passed to legalise MMA but the people who vote cannot agree for one reason or another. There’s plenty of articles out there at the moment regarding this situation and the more you read and hear on the subject, it really gets hard to wrap your head around. I mean honestly, where’s the logic in it, especially when boxing is allowed…..

Some argue that MMA is too brutal and leads to devastating injury. Both of these facts are true but…..unlike boxing the number of deaths that have arisen from MMA is substantially lower. Boxing is more devastating due to increased number of punches to the head and also a larger glove which increases surface area impact. MMA has a mix of disciplines meaning striking isn’t a constant aspect and the way people get stopped is much safer. To become dazed by a punch and then stopped with continuous blows is safer than being dazed, counted, recovering and repeating the process (forgive the lack of a reference but it has been scientifically proven). So it’s not a case that MMA is unsafe, it’s extremely well-regulated for fighter safety.

What else? Well, commentator and long-time employee Joe Rogan expressed his view on the matter on his podcast with a deeper and entirely murkier view which shows there’s more to this story than meets the eye. The truth is, an organisation called the Culinary Union which resides in Vegas has a long time battle on going with the Fertitta brothers (UFC owners) as they won’t allow unions into any of their Vegas casinos. So, to spite the UFC and Fertittas, they control a large population of people in New York in high places and basically bad-mouth the company. Slander campaigns are being put in full force by this ‘union’ such as “the UFC is bad for children”, “the UFC is too violent”, “the UFC is sexist” and if you know anything about the sport you would realise none of these are justified. Except the violence but I mean come on, it does what it says on the tin! It’s fighting. So a feud with the UFC turns into the banning of pro MMA in NY. Other promoters must be fuming.

Another line of potential opposition whether genuine or manufactured by the union came from the church!

“Father John Duffell of the Church of Blessed Sacrament in Manhattan said MMA is wrong and immoral.

“If this particular piece of legislation passes it would not in any way help us walk the Earth as brothers and sisters because it is all about violence and it is all about hatred,” Duffell said.” (courtesy of MMA Junkie)

Let’s analyse these comments:

Wrong and immoral? Combat has been there since the beginning of time. It’s a way of development and discipline. It can’t be wrong or immoral. Fighters agree to fight and they do so respectfully. Yes it’s mostly about violence but it’s facilitated by dedication, skill and technique. Fighters form a bond once they’ve competed, most don’t hate each other, some have feuds but resolve it inside the cage. This misguided ‘Father’ seems to have no understanding of martial arts and what it is involved. Depending on your views…..why should the church have a say in this? No scientific evidence stands behind the formation of the church, so why should we even consider their view. The UFC and MMA as a whole is more of a religion than Christianity. The Union or whoever is behind the church comments obviously aren’t stupid and realise the religious backing would allow them to keep the sport illegal due to such a high following. It’s a technique used in elections time and time again. I digress.

In summary, if MMA can’t be legalised in one of the most developed places on earth then what hope does humanity have (very dramatic). This is how much I feel for the MMA community. However this alone won’t stop the sports growth, and I’m glad I live in the UK where it’s all legal. I just pray for the day when corruption stops and common sense prevails. That goes for nearly everything about the world not just MMA in New York!

That was deep…….it’s been emotional.

Sport Is Everything. Legit MMA.

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