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Nate Diaz Tweets Out Bizarre Jab At Conor McGregor Three Days After UFC 202

It seems Nate Diaz isn’t taking his UFC 202 loss so well…

In the immediate aftermath of the main event, Nate Diaz claimed that he was suffering from a number of injuries heading into the contest.

“I came into this fight worse off than last time. I didn’t get to train, I had an injury.”

“About a month out, I got some injuries. I hurt my knee, and I wasn’t able to do jiu-jitsu ever since a month ago. Then about two weeks in, I was just sparring from when I hurt my knee. I was just boxing, trying to recover my knee.”

“And then I got hit by my training partner Alan Sanchez. He’s a pro-boxer, he’s ranked number ten or number seven in the nation. I got hit in the rib, and it really tweaked me out of order and I had to stop sparring about two and a half weeks ago.”

Speaking in the post fight press conference, Diaz claimed that he never thought for a single moment that he’d lost the contest and was sure he would be announced as the winner.

‘I didn’t think for a second that I lost at the end of the fight. I thought I won the fight at least three rounds to two.’

With Conor McGregor currently basking in his victory, the Notorious released a piece of exclusive footage on Tuesday morning in which he can be heard shouting; ‘Every one of you doubted me! Doubt me now!’

For Diaz, it seems this declaration is somewhat humorous as the Stockton born brawler still believes that he won the fight. Just hours after McGregor tweeted out his exclusive footage, Diaz responded with a somewhat bizarre jab suggesting once again that he was the real winner.

With McGregor looking set to take at least one more fight before the pair settle the trilogy, it certainly seems as if Diaz will be left waiting to get the last laugh.


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