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Watch: Nate Diaz Releases Intriguing Pre-Fight Footage Of UFC 202

UFC 202 provided MMA fans with one of the greatest ever fighting spectacles and raised the bar with the levels of access and out of the octagon footage made available to fans.

Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor exceeded the expectations of fans, media and peers alike, going toe to toe for 25 minutes before a narrow victory was handed to the ‘Notorious’ one.

In the days that followed, more and more footage has been released to insatiable fans, showing both fighters in the build up to the fight and its immediate aftermath. This level of access has given the world a greater appreciation of the world in which the UFC fighters dwell.

Last week, Conor McGregor released compelling footage of his dressing room build up before the fight and the euphoria of claiming victory.

Now, Diaz has followed suit, releasing his own intriguing pre-fight footage, including his dressing room warm up and walkout to the octagon.

The one striking difference between the footage of both men in the build up is the tension in the Diaz dressing room. Like a caged animal, the Stockton fighter endlessly paces the room, appearing almost impatient as he waits for the call to the arena.

In contrast, while undergoing the same preparation of his hands, discussions with referee John McCarthy and the general traffic of the accompanying entourages, McGregor and his team exude a more obvious calmness.

The release of both fighters’ build up footage presents an intriguing chance to witness the contrast in each of their preparation styles and give us all a further glimpse into the world of the MMA fighter.

That, and the chance to live vicariously through the lens of the camera, one more time.

Gary Brennan, Pundit Arena

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