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Nate Diaz Continues Boxing Pursuits With Nevada Licence On Fringe Of Approval

In a move that smacks of ‘anything you can do, I can do better’, Nate Diaz has, like his foe Conor McGregor, applied for a boxing license.

McGregor was famously granted a license in the state of California in November in a move that reignited speculation over a potential superfight with Floyd Mayweather.

As that story continues to rumble on, Diaz has now followed suit and sought a license in both California and Nevada.

Dropping a hint via his Instagram account, the younger Diaz brother appears to be continuing his emulation of the UFC lightweight champion.

Having already echoed McGregor’s retirement claims last year, Diaz followed the Irishman’s lead again when it was announced he would be taking a break from MMA until after he became a father in May.

Diaz’s statements on retirement and hiatus were seen as more of a dig at McGregor than genuine intentions. With regard to his application for a boxing license however, he may well get one up on his long time adversary.

Where McGregor failed in his bid for a license in Nevada, it is being reported, via ESPN, that Nate could well be successful.

According to NSAC Executive Director Bob Bennett, things are certainly looking positive;

“Nate paid his fine and has requested a boxing license. Upon his submission of the required licensing information, we expect to approve his license as of this date.

“We welcome Nate and his older brother, Nick, to fight in Las Vegas, whether it’s with the UFC or a boxing promoter.”

Interestingly, Floyd Mayweather recently revealed how he had spoken to Diaz, who told him that since his last fight with McGregor, the UFC has put him ‘on the shelf’.

Again via ESPN, Mayweather said,

“When I talked to Nate Diaz, he told me [the UFC] had put him on the shelf.

“He said, ‘Since the second fight with Conor McGregor, they put me on the shelf. I’m ready to stay busy, stay active.’

“Nate Diaz even talked to me about coming to box.”

What Diaz’s intentions are remains to be seen but, if nothing else, it would certainly be fun to watch the ‘Stockton slap’ administered with the larger glove.

Gary Brennan, Pundit Arena

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