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Nate Diaz Doesn’t Seem Happy With Those Who Claim Conor McGregor Tapped Too Quickly

Earlier today, Pundit Arena reported that Nate Diaz wasn’t particularly happy about the amount of “ridiculous excuses” being made for his UFC 196 victim Conor McGregor.

However, the opinionated Stockton fighter isn’t on the side of those observers who have been overly critical of “The Notorious” one either.

Speaking with MMAJunkie, the UFC’s No. 5 ranked lightweight contender rubbished claims that the featherweight champion was too quick in submitting to his tightly locked rear-naked choke. He also dismissed the legitimacy of the unflattering comparison being made between McGregor’s actions and those of co-main event loser Holly Holm, who chose to lapse into unconsciousness rather than tap to the same hold.

“If you’ve got to tap out, you’ve got to tap out,” said Diaz. “I think Holly, she thought she was maybe going to get out. She had already gotten out of one (choke earlier in the fight) and she thought, ‘I’m not quitting.’ McGregor, he was (expletive) done. All the way done. It’s all right. He had to tap out because there was no getting out of that. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with tapping out”.

The fight-ending choke
The fight-ending choke

Holm and McGregor’s situations at the time of their respective demises certainly were different.

McGregor had been badly hurt by a Diaz left-hand about a minute prior to the application of the choke and had never been given the chance to recover by his relentless opponent. He also seemed entirely out of gas in the conclusive seconds of the welterweight contest.

Badly buzzed and with a Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt wrapped around him like an infatuated anaconda, it’s hard to blame the Dubliner for ushering the referee in.

Holm had not been heavily tagged in the moments before Miesha Tate locked on her title-winning choke and was likely thinking more clearly. She must also have been aware that there wasn’t long left in what was the final round of the fight and, as Nate pointed out, her experiences during the torrid second stanza probably had her believing she could find a way to survive long enough to hear the relieving sound of the buzzer.

Diaz continued his eloquent defence of McGregor by reminding the tattooed titleholder’s detractors that in against a fighter of his calibre, escape was always unlikely.

“It’s a fight against the best fighters in the world; you’ve got to tap to that (expletive). You ain’t getting out of it. You can tap out, or you can go to sleep. It’s (expletive) the same (expletive). You tap out if you’re caught. The thing is, that’s what I think, is don’t get caught”.

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