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Nate Diaz Gets ‘Bottlegate’ Punishment Severely Reduced

We are almost a year advanced from UFC 202 and finally the consequences of the infamous ‘bottle gate’ incident seem to have a conclusion.

In the days leading up to the most anticipated fight of the year between Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor, tensions ran high as both men looked to get the upper hand in the mental warfare.

An expected, edgy press conference got off to the worst possible start as McGregor unsurprisingly arrived nearly 30 minutes late. A short time after the then-featherweight champion’s entry, Diaz got the signal from older brother Nick and stormed off stage shouting explicatives aimed at McGregor and his team. A member of team Diaz then fired the initial bottle of water which generated a similar reaction from McGregor who retaliated by tossing cans of Monster energy drink at the Stockton natives direction.

In the aftermath, McGregor and Diaz were summoned before the Nevada State Athletic Commission. The Irishman was severely punished with a fine of $150,000 and 50 hours of community service. In recent months McGregor has seen his punishment reduced significantly to a $25,000 fine and 25 hours of community service.

However, up until this week, Diaz’s retribution had remained unchanged. Thankfully the Stockton slap specialist has seen his initial penalty of a $50,000 fine and 50 hours of community service drastically lessened to a reasonable $15,000 fine with 15 hours of community service. Diaz must complete his community service by December 30th of this year or face further hearings.

Finally a bit of positive news for Diaz who has been publicly criticised by UFC president Dana White in recent times. Diaz has denied White’s claims that he is constantly turning down fight offers but let’s hope this change of heart by the NSAC is the first step in getting Nate back into the Octagon.

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