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Nate Diaz Blasts Steroid Use Once Again In Fascinating Interview

We all know what transpired at UFC 200 and the ramifications of Jon Jones failed drug test.

We are also aware that Nate Diaz is not one to hold his tongue.  This was evident in his obscure cage side interview with Joe Rogan at UFC 200 itself.

In another interview over the weekend with Fox Sports’ “The Buzzer,” the younger Diaz brother slammed drug testing within the UFC.

Nate appears much more relaxed in a one-on-one chat in his hotel room, rather than his often petulant and indifferent press conference performances.  He has been vocal in the past about PED use and as recently as February he accused the entire UFC roster of using performance enhancing drugs.

Nate was asked for his view on Jon Jones and his potential two year ban for PED’s.  This, of course, is in comparison to Nick Diaz’s (his brother’s) original five year suspension for cannabis following his UFC 183 drug test.  Prior to its reduction, the sentence for the use of a recreational drug was twice as severe as Jones’ potential performance boosting penalty.

“No one ever says what people get busted for when they test positive for steroids. But when Nick got busted, what did Nick get suspended for? Cannabis.

But when certain fighters start popping for steroids, they’re like ‘he tested positive for a banned substance. What banned substance? We don’t know.

(Anderson) Silva, when he f—-ng (said) he (was) taking Viagra or some sh-t. So any time we want to say that we didn’t do steroids, we say we’re popping Viagra? I ain’t buying it.

If anybody gets busted for something (and) no one’s saying what it is, it’s f—-ng steroids. You’re all on steroids.  Why are they hiding it from people?  To make the sport look better?  And then cannabis, you are a bad guy, five years.  It doesn’t make no sense.”

Then the Stockton bad-boy turned to Jones.

“I saw the other day, ‘I didn’t know I didn’t do my research right.’  Oh, you accidentally took an Advil that had steroids in it?  I’m not buying it mo*her**cker.  You can test me every day of the year. Piss loaded with cannabis, no steroids.  Not at fight time. You ain’t gonna catch no steroids in me for the rest of my life.”

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Garbhan Madigan, Pundit Arena

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