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Famous MMA Coach Urges José Aldo To Stay With UFC And Fight, Just Not Max Holloway

The world of MMA has had a lot to digest in the last week, what with a UFC 205 mega-card unveiling, a ‘left field’ Conor McGregor announcement looming and José Aldo calling for his UFC contract to be torn up.

That’s a lot of news for one week. So as fans and fighters wait for the triumphant return of MMA to New York on November 12th, some have turned their attentions to the former UFC featherweight champion, Aldo.

Ever since losing his crown to McGregor last December back at UFC 194, the Brazilian has been calling on UFC President Dana White to give him his ‘mandatory’ rematch. However, such was the devastating fashion in which the ‘Notorious’ did away with champion, White has not really been paying much attention.

UFC 194: Aldo vs. McGregor

Having been shown a glimmer of hope of a rematch in November’s marquee event, being overlooked once again was the final straw for Aldo. He was done. His coach confirmed it.

But, things have gone quiet; until now.

Breaking the silence is renowned MMA coach Duke Roufus. One of the first to come out to urge Aldo to stay in the UFC, Roufus has even gone so far as to suggest a next opponent for the fed up featherweight.

Roufus believes Aldo should make a fight with Anthony Pettis, not the 9-win streaking Max Holloway, for UFC 207.

This will almost certainly spark a strong reaction from fans and likely Holloway himself, who, like Aldo in recent weeks, has been extremely vocal at getting his own shot at the title, this time, Aldo’s interim featherweight belt.

Whether Roufus’ suggestion will be taken on board by ‘Junior’ remains to be see but, like any MMA fan would, it is hoped he might reconsider his plans to depart the sport that made him a star.

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