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McGregor’s Training Partner Lobov Makes Huge Claim About Future Of Boxing

Northern Ireland , Ireland - 19 November 2016; UFC Lightweight and Featherweight champion Conor McGregor celebrates with fellow SBG gym fighter Artem Lobov after his victory over Teruto Ishihara in their Featherweight bout at UFC Fight Night 99 in the SSE Arena, Belfast. (Photo By David Fitzgerald/Sportsfile via Getty Images)

Over the past month or so, the world of combat sports has all gone a bit mad. The latest addition to the insanity has come from SBG fighter Artem Lobov.  

Lobov claims that after August 26, Conor McGregor will be teaching boxers and not vice versa.

However many times we’re told Floyd Mayweather is going to school McGregor, the SBG camp will arrive on the scene with an incredible level of positivity.

The latest claims from the SBG camp claim that the Dubliner is going to reinvent boxing.

There are very few people who have spent as much time with McGregor as Lobov has. ‘The Russian Hammer’ has been his sparring partner for years now.

Speaking to The Mac Life, Lobov was certain that the world is in for a shock.

“To be honest, I don’t get surprised with anything Conor says anymore, I’ve learned my lesson.

“Every time I think ‘he can’t top that’ then he surpasses my expectation again. So now it seems that this is the pinnacle of combat sport, this is the pinnacle of combat competition, him versus Mayweather, but I guarantee you he will get through Mayweather and there’ll be an even bigger fight. There will be something else again. Conor, this is his thing. He doesn’t stop surprising everyone, including myself.”

Not only has the SBG fighter claimed that McGregor will defeat Mayweather, he also went as far as to predict that following this fight boxers will come to McGregor to learn how to box.

“I feel after August 26th it will be Conor teaching the boxers how to fight, not the other way around. For us, obviously we’re all expecting the result but it seems that world doesn’t believe it can be done.”

You can watch the full interview with Lobov below.

Kevin Daly, Pundit Arena

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