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Watch: 30 Scary Mayweather Seconds Sum Up Why So Few Give McGregor A Chance

Although many believed that purists would be forced to take Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather seriously when the bout was finally confirmed, that has certainly not been the case.

Speaking about the bout, countless pundits have claimed that McGregor has slim to no chance against the undefeated Mayweather with HBO’s Max Kellerman refusing to even entertain the possibility of the Irishman landing a lucky punch.

No fighter has ever been able to beat Floyd, who’ve been training since they were babies in boxing. They have no shot…

Conor McGregor could be the most naturally gifted boxer who ever lived. Let’s take it for granted that he has more natural ability than Sugar Ray Robinson or Roy Jones, who both had more natural ability than Floyd Mayweather. Let’s just take that as a given. He would still have zero chance to beat Floyd Mayweather. It’s a complete disrespect to the craft of boxing.

Although many have taken issue with the incredible level of certainty in Kellerman’s comments, you almost have to applaud the pundit for being so firm in his point of view and refusing to sit on the fence.

With many now studying footage of the two fighters trying to find gaps that could be exploited, an incredible video highlighting the defensive genius of Floyd Mayweather has surfaced online.

Taking on Canelo Alvarez in September of 2013, Floyd Mayweather made his world class opponent look so pedestrian that commentators marvelled at the difference in class between the two combatants.

‘Look at Floyd, he’s making him [Canelo] look like an amateur, and this is a two-time world champ in his own right.’

Swinging wildly for his opponent, Alvarez repeatedly found thin air as Mayweather’s freakish defensive awareness consistently left the Mexican missing by millimetres.

via ytCropper

With the Irishman’s speed likely to seem paltry in comparison to that of Canelo Alvarez, the above footage certainly would leave even the most staunch McGregor fan wondering how the UFC champion can possibly come out on top on August 26th.

Over the past two decades, very few have landed on Mayweather with any real significance and, given the above footage, it’s very hard to imagine Conor McGregor being the difference maker.


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