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NSAC Chief Confirms He Will Approve McGregor/Mayweather – Claims Fight Is Not Unprecedented

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Chief of the Nevada State Athletic Commission, Bob Bennett, has stated that he would love to host the Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather fight in Las Vegas and explained that there is precedence for the bout.

When the rumours first broke that Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather were looking to book a super fight, many slated the potential bout with some even suggesting that it would be criminal for a commission to sanction it.

UFC 205 Open Workouts, Madison Square Garden, New York City 9/11/2016 Conor McGregor with Striking Coach Owen Roddy Mandatory Credit ©INPHO/Tom Hogan

However, speaking to Boxing News, NSAC Chief Bob Bennett, explained that he would have no hesitation approving the bout.

“It’s definitely an approvable fight. This isn’t the first time something like this has happened, it is a bit of an anomaly, it’s unusual because both fighters are phenomenal fighters.

“But back in August of 1957 Floyd Patterson fought Pede Rademacher, Rademacher was making his pro debut, and they fought for the world heavyweight title. Patterson won by KO in the sixth round. So even though this would be Conor’s pro debut as a boxer, there is some precedence, but this would be the first time we see two fighters at this level, one from the MMA world and one from boxing, having a fight…”

“He’s [McGregor] proven that he can fight as a stand-up fighter. I’ve seen some tape of him boxing, I’m sure I’ll get an updated version of his skill-set as a fighter. I certainly think he’s worthy of being approved to fight Floyd Mayweather. His UFC background is critical in approving this fight.”

Speaking about where things are at with regard to the bout, Bennett said that Conor McGregor has yet to apply for his boxing licence in Nevada but that once the appropriate boxes have been ticked, the bout can go ahead.

“He goes ahead and submits an application for a boxing licence, puts forth the required paperwork, then if they agree on a fight he would have to pass a physical examination, just like he does in the UFC and just like Floyd does for a fight.”

“They’d have to agree to in and out of competition anti-doping testing and one of the most important areas will be the weight, or catchweight, of the fight. Like I said, Floyd’s usually at 147 or 150 whereas Conor has fluctuated in weight and been very successful.”

“The weight’s important, Conor’s a phenomenal fighter, as is Floyd Mayweather. Not too many people in the history of boxing are 49-0 and have gone against the best fighters in his class.”

Finally, leaving no room for misinterpretation, Bennett concluded by stating that not only would he approve the fight, he would be honoured to host it in Las Vegas.

“Las Vegas, being the fight capital of the world, we’ve had great fights here for years,” he said.

“I’m sure this would be right up there… It’s very exciting and we would be honoured if the fight took place here and we had the opportunity to regulate it.”

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