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Watch: ‘He Looks Frail To Me,’ McGregor Gives First Impression Of Floyd After LA Presser

Conor McGregor has long spoken of his physical advantages over Floyd Mayweather Jr. and after seeing the great boxer up close for the first time at their opening press engagement in Los Angeles this evening, the Irishman isn’t changing his tune.

“He’s a small man, he looks frail to me,” McGregor told ESPN shortly after the press conference. “He looks like half a fighter. I don’t see the finished product. I see a weak core, small legs. I see a man who would be and will be easily dismantled.”

“His little head and my big fist, they don’t go together. So, he will be done in four.”

When it was put to McGregor that Floyd’s defensive mastery might make the size of his fist completely irrelevant, McGregor was instantly dismissive.

“I don’t care,” said ‘The Notorious’ UFC star. “I disagree. He can catch it on the glove as well, that’s enough to knock him out. My shots break the guard, check the facts, I bounce heads off the canvas.”

McGregor and Mayweather faced off on two separate occasions at the Staples Center tonight, once at the beginning of proceedings and once at the end. In the first instance, McGregor talked and even displayed some of his unorthodox movement, but Mayweather stood still, silent and seemingly emotionless.

The second staredown was very, very different, as a much more animated Mayweather jawed back and forth with McGregor until security eventually stepped in to separate them.

It was obvious from looking at these two confrontations that McGregor is the much more physically imposing man, but can he make that size advantage count against a man as elusive, well-schooled and experienced as Mayweather next month? The experts say no, but the SBG Ireland fighter is paying no heed their prognostications.

“Listening to all these so-called boxing experts, I don’t believe them when I’m listening to them,” said the 28-year-old. “They sound scared to me, I hear fear. So, I’m just embracing it, listening to it. I’m very, very thankful that it’s all on record and I look forward to playing it all back the next couple of days after the fight.”

“I’m going to come out the gate very, very differently, I’m going to paint a very different picture and I’m going to land my shots and put him away.”

You can watch McGregor’s entire interview with ESPN below…

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