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McGregor Verbally Destroys Alvarez In UFC 205 Media Call – Recapping The Best Exchanges

Conor McGregor and Eddie Alvarez went at it last night during their UFC 205 media call and as expected, the Irishman came out on top.

The UFC featherweight champion has been the most vocal and entertaining fighter on the promotion’s roster since his arrival in 2013, delivering memorable one-liners nearly every time a microphone is put in front of him.

The media call last night saw the headline event protagonists go at it for nearly 45 minutes, with each trying to verbally submit the other.

UFC 205 Press Conference

The general consensus is that Alvarez was dominated by the ‘Notorious’ one, with many of his jibes leveled at the Irishman falling flat. As the lightweight champions scrambled to gain a foothold in the interview, McGregor reeled off numerous outlandish and entertaining taunts that left the lightweight champion scrambling for words.

Here are some of the best exchanges.

When accused of running from Frankie Edgar for two years, McGregor fired back

“Frankie had 50 minutes to do what I did in 13 seconds”

This of course refers to McGregor’s devastating victory over Jose Aldo for the featherweight title last December.

Alluding to the reported $500,000 Alvarez is set to earn for their November 12th fight, MrGregor goaded,

“You’re blessed I chose to whoop you”

Floundering, Alvarez fired back what was probably the most wayward statement of the night,

“You’re here cause you’re the easiest dude in the division”

Clearly untrue, this retort fell flat and smacked of a man desperately unable to keep up with the slagging match.

UFC 205 Press Conference

McGregor also indulged in the ridiculous, making absurd and theatrical statements like,

“I’m going to retire him on this night. You will be hurt badly.”

“You’re kids after this fight are going to beg you, ‘Daddy, please don’t fight again'”

“I’m going to put on a showcase, toy with this man and end his whole career”

However, perhaps the most memorable statement by McGregor was also perhaps the one that rings with the most truth.

“Everyone in this game does what they’re fucking told except for me & rightly fucking so”

To those fans and fighters who cannot stomach McGregor’s persona, this statement will irk them greatly both for the outlandish arrogance of the remark, but also its resonance with reality.

UFC 205 Press Conference

Despite it once again being the Conor McGregor show, Eddie Alvarez, like a prowling lion, did manage to deliver a few memorable quips of his own.

Focusing on McGregor’s obvious deficiency when it comes to wrestling and take down defences, Alvarez seethed,

“His defence is terrible. If he even thinks about wrestling, I may just knock him the f&*k out”

Probably his best line of the night, Alvarez is clearly incredulous at McGregor’s avoidance of taking things to the mat. Perhaps this is a warning shot the Irishman should take note of.

Despite his best efforts however, Alvarez came off second best to the razor sharp wit of his opponent. Floundering to keep up, the American gave fans a couple more dubious nuggets.

“Everyone in lightweight has beat Nate Diaz, and he struggled”

Like his claim of McGregor being the easiest option in the division, this statement fell flat. Desperate to sting the Irishman, Alvarez also tried his hand at insulting his opponent’s Dublin accent.

“It’s thirteen, not turteen”

Rather than sound smart and cutting, it sounded both desperate and low-brow.


Ultimately, fans came away from the media call entertained and exhausted. The mudslinging was incessant and intense, yet packed with the kind of comedy that only McGregor can deliver.

None it matters come November 12th, however. Talk will be cheap in the octagon and Alvarez will be in a far stronger position to both defend himself and attack his opponent.

While he floundered in their war of words, both fighters are keenly aware that things will be a far more evenly matched when they go toe to toe in eight days time.

The media call was merely the sideshow to amp up the anticipation and in that it was wildly successful.

Gary Brennan, Pundit Arena

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