The Most Likely Consequences For Conor McGregor After Chaos In New York

As Conor McGregor insanely flung a dolly through the window of a bus filled with UFC fighters, one has to wonder, did the potential consequences even cross his mind? 

As the news broke on Friday morning that Conor McGregor had been charged with three counts of assault and one count of criminal mischief, the gravity of how far the 29-year-old had gone on this occasion really began to sink in.

McGregor has never been held in the highest regard by the Irish aristocracy but, over the past year alone, the SBG star has irreversibly alienated himself from a significant portion of his own fan base.

In recent months, images of McGregor in strip clubs waving wads of cash have gone viral while reports of gangland feuds have also circled around the UFC’s biggest star. However, although ganglike behaviour had never been anything more than hearsay, on Thursday evening, McGregor turned the fiction into a full-fledged reality.

Speaking about the incident, UFC President Dana White stated that McGregor had stormed the Barclays Centre with ’30 thugs’ while also describing the scenes as the ‘most disgusting thing that had ever happened’ in the MMA promotion’s history. Make no mistake, what McGregor embroiled himself in on Thursday evening was indeed ganglike, and the consequences will be dire.

McGregor is now facing charges of criminal mischief and assault in New York and is due to face a judge at some stage on Friday afternoon. Already, fans of the Irish fighter have begun to speculate as to whether or not the 29-year-old could be sentenced to some hard time in the US but, fortunately for the SBG man, it’s likely that he didn’t go quite far enough for that to be the case.

Having said that, the consequences for the Irishman will still be beyond severe. It is likely that McGregor will be sanctioned with a lengthy suspension from the UFC and lose his licence to fight in New York while some reports are also suggesting that his US visa will be revoked.

However, it is in civil suits that the Irish fighter will face the heaviest costs. McGregor is likely to face countless suits as a result of his behaviour on Thursday night with some even suggesting that the bill could be in the tens of millions. McGregor will be sued by the Barclays Center. He will be sued by the UFC staff and security that encountered him during the madness and he will likely be sued by every single fighter on the bus.

With likely suits coming as a result of ‘fear and emotional distress’, McGregor may well be sued by many who weren’t even on the bus but simply witnessed himself and his band of merry men in full-fledged riot mode.

McGregor is undoubtedly a rich man but tens of millions he certainly cannot spare. When this is all said and done, it may not be a matter of whether McGregor wants to fight again or not – he may not have a choice.

John Murphy, Pundit Arena

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