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Khabib Nurmagomedov Announces He Will Take Jose Aldo Measures If UFC Overlooks Him Again

Last week, the news was officially confirmed that Conor McGregor and Eddie Alvarez would face off on the 12th of November in Madison Square Garden.

It was the main event that most had been hoping for. However, Jose Aldo and Khabib Nurmagomedov did not take the news so well with both, rather justifiably, feeling incredibly hard done by.

The number 1 ranked lightweight contender had been sent two separate contracts for a title shot against Eddie Alvarez at both UFC 205 and UFC 206. However, after the McGregor fight was finally announced in the early hours of Wednesday morning, Nurmagomedov realised what many had suspected from the beginning; the UFC never planned to actually book him against Alvarez, they were simply using him as a negotiating tool in order to get the real UFC 205 main event over the line.

Since the Russian brawler has realised what had really transpired over the past few weeks, he has taken to both his Instagram and Twitter in fits of rage. Posting about the shafting that he has just been a victim of. Khabib called the UFC a freak show and even suggested that, if he was of a weaker character, he would be inclined to quit the sport.

However, although Nurmagomedov has not, as of yet taken drastic measures, speaking on Tuesday’s episode of The Luke Thomas Show on SiriusXM, the number 1 lightweight contender made it clear that he is not far from following in Jose Aldo’s footsteps.

“UFC said ‘You’re going to fight August 27 in Canada against Eddie.’ I said yes, I will take this fight but, Eddie would not take this fight.

After this, the UFC gives me UFC 205 – Eddie says no. 206? Eddie says no.”

Nurmagomedov has now been booked to fight with Michael Johnson at UFC 205 and it’s a fight that he sees as a simple hurdle which will ensure a title bout immediately after.

“After this fight I have to fight for the title,” he said. “UFC thinks Conor has power? Ireland only has like 6 million people. I am from Russia, 150 million people. If the UFC don’t give me the title fight after this fight, I’m going to show how I have power in Russia and I know if I don’t fight for the title next fight, UFC will never ever go to Russia.”

“Eddie understands who is who,” Nurmagomedov said. “Eddie and all his coaches know ‘This [is a] very tough fight for me.’ He even said ‘I want an easy fight’. No, you’re champion. You fight #1 ranked, and #1 ranked is not easy. For me, it’s a crazy situation. But it’s ok, life is going and I’m going to keep going and I’m going to finish Michael Johnson at UFC 205 and after this I’m going to fight for the title.

I’d rather take this fight because he signed with the UFC bullshit contract because he knows if he takes fight with me, his belt is going bye bye.”

“If I don’t fight after this fight for the title, I never fight in the UFC, no more. I deserve this. If UFC doesn’t give me title after fight — I don’t care about unanimous decision, split decision, first round KO. If I don’t fight, I’m gonna show how I have power in Russia. Because UFC think Conor have power? I have power too. This is not all about pay per view. I have power too. I’m gonna show this power.”

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