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Jose Aldo And Frankie Edgar Bicker Over Who Should Get A Shot At Conor McGregor

A social media war over the right to a shot at Conor McGregor’s featherweight title may be brewing between Jose Aldo and Frankie Edgar.

Following McGregor’s loss to Nate Diaz in a welterweight bout on Saturday, Aldo tweeted out a challenge to the man who vanquished him in just 13 seconds last December. “Your fairy tale is over,” said the gloating former 145lb king. “You got nowhere to run now. Time to a rematch, pussy”.

Predictably, Aldo wasn’t the only one calling for an opportunity to capture the belt and the type of paycheck that comes alongside sharing the cage with “The Notorious” one.

Judging from a video that has emerged of his reaction on the night, Frankie Edgar was overjoyed by McGregor’s defeat at UFC 196. But at least he waited a little longer than Aldo, who seemed to tweet as McGregor was tapping, before beginning his social media campaign for a title shot.

In an Instagram post, “The Answer” urged McGregor to show his “character” and “prove he is a champion”. He also added a little message for Aldo. “No disrespect to Aldo but he had his time,” wrote Edgar. “Now it’s my turn”.

Edgar’s post brought a response from the Brazilian, who reminded the former lightweight champion of the result of their 2013 featherweight championship affair and of the circumstances that surrounded it. He added, “You can’t come in here now and cut the line”.

@Frankieedgar ouvi dizer que vc estar pedindo uma luta pelo cinturão, eu respeito você como lutador, mas vamos aos fatos: você perdeu duas vezes para o Ben Henderson nos leves e já veio direto lutar comigo sem nunca ter disputado uma luta no peso pena. Fizemos uma grande luta, mas o resultado todo mundo sabe qual foi. Não dá para chegar e querer sentar na janela, espera um pouco, vc não tem direito nenhum. Mcgregor, em vez de fugir para a categoria de cima e falar merda de mim vc podia aproveitar esse tempo para ir para uma verdadeira academia treinar jiu-jitsu de verdade. Mas, sem problema. UFC 200, vamos tirar todas as dúvidas. Estou te esperando. @FrankieEdgar I heard you were asking for a title shot. I respect you as a fighter, but let’s check the facts: you lost twice to Ben Henderson before coming to the 145 division and geting a title shot against me without having fought once in the featherweight division. We had a great fight, but everybody knows the result. You can’t come here now and cut the line, you have to wait because you don’t have any right to ask for a title shot yet. McGregor: instead of running up to a different weight division and talking shit about me, you could make your time valuable and go to a real gym to learn real jiu-jitsu. I’ll be ready for you at UFC 200, so we can leave no doubt. @lorenzofertitta @danawhiteufc @seanshelby #revancheufc200 #reebokclassics #vitafornutrientes #reebokbrasil

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It should be noted that the fight between Edgar and Aldo was a very close one and their were those who believed that the American had done enough to win a decision.

It seems likely that one of these men will be granted the next shot at McGregor, but until we find out, there may be quite a bit more social media bickering between the pair.

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