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Jose Aldo Drops Big Update On UFC Dispute – Reveals Which Sport He May Turn To

Having clearly stated his desire to terminate his contract with the UFC and retire from the sport of MMA, Jose Aldo has finally given some indication as to where his future may lie. 

Aldo has suggested on several occasions that he would like to take up another sport professionally once he leaves the world of mixed martial arts. Although many had suspected that the Brazilian was talking about soccer, speaking to SporTV in Rio de Janeiro, Aldo explained that he would actually like to return to pure jiu-jitsu.

José Aldo: I came from jiu-jitsu. If tomorrow I can fight jiu-jitsu again, competing, living it on a daily basis, it will be good for me, but I’ll take one step at a time. The first step is to sit down with them (UFC) and make the right decision.

Although the interim featherweight champion seems determined to be completely free from his UFC contract, Aldo explained that he will meet with the UFC representatives on Wednesday and that there is still a negotiation to take place.

Aldo even went as far as to say that he was open to finding the ‘best situation’ for everyone so that the dispute could be resolved.

SporTV: This Tuesday José Aldo will be flying to Las Vegas and Wednesday afternoon he has a meeting with the UFC to decide his MMA future.

José Aldo I am certain that I don’t want it anymore. It is something that I am sure, but of course this is a negotiation. Let’s see, let’s sit with them and see the best situation for me and for them, so all of this can be solved.

Aldo tweeted out on Tuesday evening that he was on the way to Las Vegas and, given the mood the Brazilian looks like in his Instagram post, perhaps there is still a chance that we may see him in the octagon again yet.

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