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Jose Aldo Makes Outrageous Claim Regarding UFC 194 Loss To Conor McGregor

It seems quite bizarre how much Jose Aldo continues to obsess over Conor McGregor given the fact that he is now set to face a massive challenge against Frankie Edgar at UFC 200. 

After Conor McGregor’s shock loss to Nate Diaz at UFC 196, it seemed certain that the featherweight champion would face either Jose Aldo or Frankie Edgar in a title defence match on July the 9th. However, last week the news was confirmed that Aldo and Edgar would in fact face each other for an interim belt at UFC 200 while McGregor would face Nate Diaz for a second time.

Given the fact that Aldo and Edgar will now both face a massive test against one another, it seems bizarre for either to be speaking about a man who will be fighting at an entirely different weight class on July the 9th.

However, it seems Aldo’s 13 second loss at UFC 194 is something that the Brazilian is still struggling to accept and, speaking about the fight to ESPN’s Brett Okamoto, Aldo claimed that The Notorious was ‘lucky’ to win on the night in question and that, had things been slightly different, the Irishman would have been the one to have ended up unconscious.

“Obviously, there was luck involved. He was lucky to get that shot in right away. If my punch would have landed a little lower, then he would have been the one on the mat. So there was definitely luck involved.”

The problem with Aldo’s comments is that the same can essentially be said in any fight. Had Nate Diaz not landed his straight left on McGregor’s chin at UFC 196 for example, perhaps McGregor would have gone on to round house the American to the face and win the fight?

It’s pointless to wonder. Luck can always be involved but at the end of the day, a fight is a fight, and on the night in question, Aldo was knocked out in 13 seconds.

However, where the former champion does have a point is in the fact that he was not granted an immediate rematch by the UFC despite the fact that he had dominated the promotion’s featherweight division since its inception.

Obviously, I’m not happy that I didn’t get a rematch. It’s disrespectful due to everything I’ve done. I’m deserving of a rematch, and it’s not just me who says that. Everyone has been coming up to me, asking when the rematch is going to happen. But I’m an employee for the UFC, and this is what they decided. What can I do?

Conor is going to have to come back [to the division] to fight me. I expect that. Everybody expects that.

Unfortunately for Aldo, not everyone expects that. But if Conor McGregor should lose to Nate Diaz for a second time at UFC 200, it certainly seems a lot more likely.

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Posted by The Fighting Irish – UFC on Sunday, December 13, 2015

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